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friday night of last week was a maintenance night at work. for that reason, i got to stay up really late thursday night (since i wasn’t going into work until friday afternoon). friday night i ended up staying at work until around 3am, which was a fair bit later than i had expected. most of the last hour or two was me just hanging out, waiting for some other people to finish. i went outside in the cold for awhile and smoked my pipe and talked with a coworker.
saturday i decided it was too close to nice weather, so i hopped on the bike and rode around. the temperature is still a bit chilly for me, but it was nice to ride around. i called a couple of people i ride with, but found no one to join me. i headed up to empire and got some coffee and a slice of cake, then brad called and i talked with him. he said they’d be up for riding around after kelli got off work.
while at empire, i saw a group of younger alt-ish folk sit outside. one of them had a bag with a bunch of pens and junk, and he started writing or drawing on name tag stickers. i took an interest and started watching them, and he ended up getting out a bunch of stencils and stuff. i’m assuming he’s one of the guys that does graffiti around town, which these days includes drawing on name tag stickers and using stencils. i was hoping he’d walk by me, because i was going ask who he was, but he never did.
i took my time eating and drinking, but it’d been over an hour and a half and i hadn’t heard from brad and i was pretty tired of picking at the huge slice of cake, so i gave up and headed to a border’s. yes, i bought some stuff:

  • the binet-simon test – miranda july (kill rock stars)
  • the knife – the knife (rabid/brille/mute)
  • fresh fruit for rotting vegetables – dead kennedys (cherry red/decay/manifesto)
  • plastic surgery disasters and in G-d we trust, inc. – dead kennedys (decay / manifesto)
  • little miss sunshine – jonathon dayton and valerie faris (20th century fox)
  • the complete monty python’s flying circus (16 disc set) – monty python (a&e)

(i had a 30% off coupon for a book or dvd, so that’s where the monty python set comes from.) while at border’s, brad called and said kelli’s dad would be joining us (on his own bike, a triumph). we met at brasil. after hanging out there awhile and having a good conversation, we went riding down our usual paths. as i said above, it was a bit chilly, but nice to be able to get out and around on my bike. it was also good to see brad and kelli (it’d been some time) and nice to meet kelli’s dad. he seemed like someone who’d be interesting to talk with.
when i got home, i learned one of the girls that lives in the place behind me found a dead dove on her stairs and a broken window. she’d recently had a guy come over late at night yelling at her and trying to get her to talk to him, so she thought he’d done it and was justifiably freaked. i had actually seen doves flying and heard something shatter near her stairs earlier that day, but i thought a bird had broken a flower pot, and i hadn’t seen the dead bird itself. knowing the window and bird weren’t from a crazy stalker relieved some of her stress.
some of my time this past weekend was also spent hanging out with the potts, and a guest visiting them from out of town (from pennsylvania). most of the time i spent around him involved eating and/or talking. he’s actually the guy whose house i spent the night at on my road trip to get my ’65 pickup from new york to Texas.
sunday i got up and went to kaleo. i didn’t talk with the new guy i met last week, even though he was there. he and his wife seemed pretty occupied talking to other people, and i was talking with people too. i also managed to talk to bill (the pastor) before he took off, to let him know that i’d like to talk to him sometime about things. i feel like i should get more involved, but i want to be upfront with him about where i’ve been and the things i’ve gone through — both in my personal life and with ecclesia. he said we could meet up sometime this week, so i’ll be emailing him about that.
just to drop this in, the numerous discussions of G-d and theology and such have continued since i wrote my last post (which was written around the 14th, though posted later). i’m really hoping maybe it is an indicator i’ve finished my time wandering in some level of spiritual solitude from all of the things that have happened to me over the last number of years. i doubt that would ever mean i won’t be a loner or outsider, but perhaps a new path is being offered…perhaps some way i can combine my personality and traits with a xian community that isn’t like the typical church culture (which i find very off-putting).
after church the potts’ and i went to chuy’s. a bunch of other people from the church ended up going too, but we got there earlier and were at a separate table (except for a couple who sat with us). sunday evening i watched little miss sunshine over at the potts’ house. it’s still standing up rather well. it’s been awhile since i watched a movie i was this enamored with.
monday was a vacation day for me. since that was the case, i stayed up sunday night (monday morning) until around 4am, spending some more time in sl and reading. then my boss called me at 9:30am to ask me to do some work stuff. ack. i ate lunch at a chinese place with the potts (although i had a vietnamese dish), then i passed on watching flushed away at the dollar theater. instead, i ended up dropping by a local office furniture place (continuing my quest for the perfect desk), but they didn’t have anything that stood out to me. they did have some barrister bookcases, which i love — but i didn’t buy anything. in the evening i finished watching the good, the bad, and the ugly. i don’t think i’d ever seen the whole thing before. it’s an odd film.
tuesday i went over to the potts after work to maintain a tradition started back when tamara and i were married and jack and sue had no kids — the king cake. i think we missed at least a year or two, so sue offered to buy this cake this time around. sue’s brother was visiting, and he actually ended up getting the baby jesus. after hanging out there awhile, i headed downtown to hang out at the flying saucer with a co-worker. (it was his birthday.)

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