a very slight amount of debauchery

thursday was my birthday. i’m not into celebrating things much, so i didn’t really do anything too exciting. for lunch at work i and a couple of co-workers went to double dave’s. it was there i had my first soft drink since april 11th — a coke from the fountain. i had one glass, with ice, then went back to water. after two and a half months, coke tastes really sweet and very carbonated.
after work i went by Texas tattoo emporium to see if byriah was there. he was. (so if you’re looking for byriah dailey from taurian, he is currently working at Texas tattoo emporium on westheimer.) unfortunately, the selection of 2-gauge jewelry was somewhat limited and they didn’t have anything i really wanted. i talked to him about stuff i’d seen online, and he said to send him an email with the link and he’d look at it and let me know if he thought it looked like decent stuff. seeing as i was already there, and not getting my ears stretched, i decided to do something i’ve wanted to for years and years but never could convince myself to actually go through with. here’s photographic evidence:
he pierced with a two-angle technique, and i had him put in a bent barbell. this should allow me to switch to a hoop if i want to in the future (after the piercing heals, which should take 6-8 weeks probably).
from there i went home. later jamie came by and got me and we went to brasil to eat supper. while there, i got to watch a couple right in front of me working their way up the pda ladder — after they both were running their hands on each others’ legs and doing some hip grinding, i was half expecting them to just throw each other on the floor and go at it. but they restrained themselves, and eventually went elsewhere. after that we walked over to poison girl. guess who was at the bar? yep, the couple from brasil. still draped around each other. so i had a few white russians while hanging out in the outdoor area in the back. i hadn’t been to poison girl in a while, but i still <3 it. i guess that was about the extent of my debauchery for my birthday.
wyatt earp: been hitting it awful hard, haven’t ya?
doc holliday: nonsense. i have not yet begun to defile myself.
(from tombstone)
once home i fell into a slumber. i wasn’t sure i was going to make into work the next day (i’d actually asked for the day off since at one point i thought i might be headed to austin that day), but i woke up right before my alarm went off and was not sleepy. part of that was due to the fact that what woke me was an annoying dream involving the hrc (julia). that was kind of a bitter ending to an otherwise fairly pleasant low-key birthday.
kate: aren’t i a good woman to you, doc?
doc: yes, it’s true you are a good woman. then again you may be the antichrist.
(also from tombstone)