falling in love was easy

(i actually wrote most of this in the middle of last week, but just never got around to posting it. i’ll catch up on things that happened later in another entry.)
i bought a few things at border’s last weekend. i was originally hoping to pick up some box set dvds, but they didn’t have the stuff i was interested in on sale. here’s what i got:

  • mtv unplugged in new york – nirvana (dgc)
  • tulsa – wayne hancock (bloodshot)
  • deep cuts – the knife (rabid/brille/mute)
  • 10 million hours a mile – miranda july (kill rock stars)
  • a revolution remembered: the memoirs and selected correspondence of juan n. seguin – edited by jesus f. de la teja (Texas state historical association)
  • anansi boys – neil gaiman (harper torch)

most of the last couple of weeks was pretty uneventful i guess. i watched you, me, and dupree with sue at some point. parts of it were pretty funny, but overall it was kind of average. it seems like you could tell parts where owen wilson had modded scenes or ad-libbed stuff. i did manage to get the first bowl through my new pipe while i was over at the potts’ place. it’s a different experience, mostly because of the stem and lip style i think. maybe over time i’ll be able to tell more subtle differences.
i got the devil makes three shirt i ordered. it’s pretty cool. i look forward to wearing it.
i also spent some time on sl — talked a bit to guy who helps run a radio station on there, hung out with a pretty cool girl, and had a number of interesting theological conversations.
getting to have numerous theological conversations was an intriguing phenomenon. i managed to have at three or four separate long conversations about theology, G-d, christianity, belief, etc. in all different settings and with different people, both in sl and in real life. it was really cool. that’s something i haven’t gotten to do much of in a long time, so it’s always nice when the opportunities come along.
that whole arc of conversations was capped last sunday morning at kaleo, where i really felt like the sermon had a lot to do with the way my life has been for some time now. i felt like i should look more seriously into getting involved at kaleo (or in a christian community in general) in a deeper and more meaningful way. i just feel like it might help provide more direction and depth, and is perhaps something that i should in fact be doing.
as with most everything though, what has energy in the moment quickly dwindles. i did manage to meet someone new, who seemed like a pretty cool guy. he’s married and they have a 2.5 month old daughter. they just moved to houston recently. perhaps that will be an opportunity for me to strike up a new friendship.
even though most of my days come and go without much to keep me from mindlessly trudging through life, something always comes up at some point that causes me to remember the difficult path i have been put on due to my ex-wife’s actions and choices. i am then forced (on some level) to remember and feel the losses, the anger, the pain…mostly these days when it happens it’s a remembrance of the losses. fortunately it comes much less often than in the past, when it was pretty much guaranteed to happen throughout the day. sometimes i wish moving on came easier to me, like it seems to come to some people.
for the record, it wasn’t valentine’s day that brought this up, but something entirely unrelated. it’s sometimes funny, and sometimes disturbing, how easy it is to find third party connections between my ex and me. i personally think some of the things that have transpired in the past were intentional from other people, but i guess there’s not much i can do about that.

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