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bought some cds from cdbaby awhile back…

  • singing, stomping, and strumming – lynda kay (self-released)
  • cowgirl! – lynda kay and the lickity splits (firelight)
  • starbase 109 – starbase 109 (self-released)
  • a little bit faster and a little bit worse – the devil makes three (monkeywrench)

last weekend i went home to brady for my grandmother’s birthday. i went ahead and took monday off, since driving all the way home and back is too much for a two-day weekend. a couple of my grandmother’s nieces and a nephew were there, as well as a…uh…grand niece? (i’m not too good with the terms for family relations, since both of my parents were only children. well, my mom wasn’t, but she was in her adopted family so she didn’t know.) i spent some time with my grandmother by myself as well, and some time with my parents. as usual, it felt like a pretty short amount of time.
on the way back, since it was a normal business day, i stopped by the mason county courthouse to see about gathering some records related to my family. i’m curious to have the stuff, but i also need some of it for my sons of the republic of Texas application. i only spent an hour or so there, but i got a copy of my grandfather’s birth certificate and his certification of his mom and dad’s marriage. some of the stuff i need i may have to go to fredericksburg for, and possibly bexar county (san antonio) as well. then there is the matter of getting ship rolls for entry into the republic of Texas…i’m not sure where i’d go about getting a certified copy of that yet. i’m also hoping to find old deed records that can show me where the original land was that my ancestors got, as well as land they bought and sold. that may take a lot more work than birth and marriage certificates. but i think it’d be pretty cool to buy some of that land if it comes up for sale at some point.
i also stopped by the cemetary where my grandparents and some other ancestors are buried, near the chuch in art. this time, i also stopped at the cemetary a mile or two further down the road, which is where my grandfather’s parents are buried, along with some of my grandfather’s siblings. i hadn’t been to that cemetary in years, but i hadn’t actually made the family connection for some reason until recently when i started tracing my family line.
on tuesday for lunch i met with bill, the pastor of kaleo. i basically wanted to be able to sit down and tell him what my background is, as far as my experience with ecclesia, and also with tamara. partially i wanted to him to have that information in case it ever came up through other channels, but i also wanted him to know where i am emotionally and spiritually because of all of that. and i also wanted to let him know what the ecclesia issues were with myself and tamara and a number of friends, so we could see if kaleo would be a different kind of place or fit, both from his side and mine. i did almost all of the talking, which i guess would make sense in the context, but i end up feeling self-conscious in those kinds of situations. plus when i talk about those issues, it’s hard for me not to go on at length because they were major events in my life and i tend to provide a lot of detail when i get into telling something. hopefully my verbosity didn’t make him feel like he wants to avoid me, seeing as i tend to feel uncomfortable around people who completely dominate all conversations they are a part of.
more catching up to come…

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