it’s not dead. it’s probably just pining for the fjords.

well, rumor has it that tamara responded to a friend’s email within 24 hours of it being sent. so that means she is reading email. hopefully that means she has also responded to the requests of the realtor and/or her own attorney. (yes, the realtor contacted her attorney since tamara has not been in touch with the realtor for a long time now.) i’ve not heard anything yet from my realtor about tamara initiating communication again, but hopefully that’s the case. (if it’s not, i’ll be contacting her attorney as well.)
not that i really need to finish the sale or something. it’s just that we’ve gotten this far, so it’d be nice to go ahead and take care of what is already in motion (and, in fact, near the end). she was the one who forced the sale of the house after all — it’s kind of silly for her to be holding it up.

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