house? what house?

from the last couple of entries you might be able to surmise that some complications have arisen with the selling of my house. well, okay, here’s the situation. it turns out the cash buyer was an l.l.c. who looked at the house early on and was interested, but they held them off as a backup in case the other deal fell through. which it, of course, did.
the plans to close on october 26th with the cash buyer obviously fell through too. i sent off the release of earnest money form on the 24th, but i just got a copy friday evening of the contract that was faxed to my realtor last week. i’ve had some difficulties getting very quick responses from my realtor, but so far it seems like things are still going okay on that front. at this point the house has been off the market for nearing a month. it’d suck if all that time off the market was wasted.
unfortunately, the real problem is tamara. after a month or two of being responsible and inquisitive and responsive, she evidently has begun having some problems (which i won’t go into here) and has not been returning phone calls or voice mail messages or email for the last couple of weeks. (you may or may not be able to learn more about it by reading her blog. i’ve still never gone to look at it and don’t plan to because i think it would just be more torture for me, something that i definitely don’t need.) since she has to sign all of the paperwork, it makes it very hard for things to move forward.
this is all somewhat annoying since she was the one who pushed to sell the house to get money for herself from it, and now that it needs to happen she isn’t taking care of her side of things. (i’m not claiming she’s doing it maliciously…i think she’s probably really having some problems.) hopefully she’ll get things together enough to sign a few papers, or we can get power of attorney or something to finish things. fortunately, the latest buyer is giving us time.

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  1. I found your blog by doing a search on google titled “move stuff into new house before closing”, LMAO! I just wanted to wish you luck on selling your home. Obviously, by what I was searching for, we aren’t having so much luck on the other side of the coin. Every time we go to close, something comes up that A) pushes back the closing date and B) costs us more in closing costs. Buying/selling a home Sucks (not a typo, that is sucks with a capital S!)

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