making house calls once again…

interesting news on the house front. this morning the realtor called and told me tamara’s attorney’s office told her they hadn’t been in touch with tamara for a year. which seems absurd to me, but would imply they never got her the information i gave them to get to her back in july. of course, they never told me they didn’t get it to her, as they haven’t been in touch with me since july.
anyway, the realtor asked for tamara’s parents’ phone number, which i provided. tonight the realtor called to tell me she’d finally been in touch with tamara. this afternoon, evidently. tamara said that she’d been in the hospital due to some jaw/tooth infection issues. (she’d had a problem with that same thing while we were married, and had to get a bridge.) anyway, she evidently signed all the paperwork today and got someone to fax it to the title company. my realtor said she would talk to the title company and the other realtor/buyer tomorrow, but closing will probably be on friday or maybe on monday.
i don’t really trust that’s how it’ll play out, given how things have unfolded so far; nor do i really know that the story behind tamara’s delay is really that simple. but maybe it is that simple, and everything from here on out will go smoothly. it’d be a nice change.
of course, the delay does mean my move will be less convenient for me, as i’m attending (local) training this week and next week. missing a day of work is no big deal at all, but missing a day of a four-day training class is sort of pain. depending on when closing is, i may see if i can get a few extra days in the house and offer to pay for them or something.
i’ve got other stuff to write about sometime, including a few books i’ve finished but never mentioned yet, plus a story about a co-worker and mascot outfits. but those’ll have to wait for now.

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  1. It will be a happy day when the house drama is over. Buying/selling a house is hard enough when things are simple and run smoothly. I think I would have given up long ago.

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