convenience has ended

dave finally showed up. turns out he’d been by earlier and figured i was at work so he didn’t ring the doorbell.
we went out around noon to find a place to eat. most gas stations were out of gas and many were closed, plus most places to eat were closed and the few that were open almost all had really long lines. we saw 59s south of beltway8 was backed up…and it isn’t even supposed to be an evacuation route. we ended up eating at a sandwich king, which was good and had a very short line, but they were low on food and actually closed before we left. they had a tv on, and it was showing how bad 59s was backed up. obviously the true evacuation routes are insanely backed up. jack and sue called from i-10 to say they’d jumped to the east-bound lanes after they saw a gas truck going west down it, and evidently a lot of people started jumping over to it. they’ve opened up all lanes on 45 and i10 to outbound traffic. i just heard on the tv they’ve decided they aren’t going to do that with 290. so the folk on 290 are just screwed i guess. lots of people are running out of gas, cars overheating or breaking down, etc. people seem to be handling things pretty well so far, but i think the culture of fear and paranoia that the media creates isn’t really helping the situation much.
i’ll probably be going in to work at some point this evening. i’m not sure yet if i’ll stay at the hotel or if i’ll come back to my house.
dave is currently on my couch snoring…

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