nothing exciting so far

well, the radio show was last night. afterward, i met a few folk at a bw3 in midtown. they had already put plywood up and were closing at 10:45pm. came back to sw houston, no backed-up traffic on 59 where i was. i could see bw8 north was backed up at 59. around 2am dave from the radio show called me and said he’d broken down at 610 and i-10, and wanted to know if he could stay with me. i said that’d be cool, but he needed to get towed, then catch a cab. he called around 7:30am saying he’d gotten a cab, but i’ve still not seen him. i stayed up until around 5am trying to clean the place up some, but still no hurricane planning. the direction of rita has continued to shift toward the east, and evidently they now think it’s going to be a cat 3 when it hits. the roads appear to be totally insane. jack and sue called from richmond around 8:30am. they’d been “evacuating” for about 5 hours. i got out of bed around 10am, and i called them at 10:30am and they were still in richmond. i used google maps to help them take some backroads toward i-10 since all i-10 lanes are going to be made westbound.

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  1. The traffic seems insane. I found a website tracking traffic ( and the delay times must be computerized as they regularly jump anywhere between 200 and 400 minutes delay heading north on I-45.
    Be safe all!

  2. yeah, traffic has been horrible. people were calling the show last night and saying they’d been in traffic for several hours and moved a few miles and we thought that was bad. but this morning they were talking to people that had been on the road from galveston and south of houston for over 20 hours and were not yet past the woodlands or katy.

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