hunter-gatherer failure

dave and i left the house so i could check in to the hotel (for work). the hotel was full and most hotel services were unavailable. lemaster (co-worker) showed up at the same time. we all decided to go searching for a place to eat. we drove around for about an hour…no success. although the roads were very light on traffic so getting around was very easy. the only things we found open: jingi (sp?), berryhill (no food left…just the bar, i guess), brasil (coffee house), baskin-robbins (?!), and a few convenience stores (all with no gas). closed: katz’s (“never closes”), two house of pies, chaco’s, ihops, chuy’s, all grocery stores, etc. it’s crazy that everything is already closed. this is going to make for a long weekend. oh well. i ended up coming back to the house and leaving dave at the hotel.
i didn’t see any traffic backed up on or connected to 59s (610, beltway 8), but people are still evacuating and stuff’s all backed up. i just heard on the tv that someone’s grandmother died in their car on i-10 because the emergency personnel couldn’t get to them or do anything. lots of people are stranded in cars without gas, and there is no gas in waller county, which most of the main evacuation routes go through.
it’s still my opinion that we have created a culture of fear in our country, and this is a good example of an outcropping of it. people are still streaming out of all parts of houston, even areas where they really shouldn’t have to, even if a cat 5 was in fact going to hit houston straight on (which it doesn’t appear it is…but the media seems to try as hard as it can to keep everyone amped up and scared about how horrible things might be).

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  1. Not only a culture of fear, but a culture of dependence on government. What ever happened to self-sufficiency?

  2. Katz’s never closes. That’s an outrage! If Whole Foods is open, they usually have all sorts of good pre-prepared food available, if they are open that is.
    As Raj said about the media on his blog, “WOLF, WOLF, WOLF!”
    Good Luck!

  3. the dependence on government is kind of annoying, but at the same time we are paying a fair bit in taxes. i doubt most of the people evacuating were expecting too much from the gov’t until things fell apart. getting a few miles in 10 hours when they were told by the gov’t to evacuate means it is the gov’t’s problem at that point. but i personally prefer self-sufficiency. in these days and times though, i’m not sure our current society could survive without a fair bit of gov’t.
    whole foods wasn’t opened. we drove by one or two of them last night. we went up kirby, down richmond to dunvale, back on westheimer all the way past main, up to the bus station at gray, down milam (vietnamese food), and also down montrose, and some other streets. i forgot to mention some bars were open.
    as for the media, the more i watch them the more it pisses me off. they’re saying the people stranded on the side of the roads are “literally fighting for their lives”. now they used the term “death trap”. they arrested a guy in galveston last night because he was in the surf. maybe he’s an idiot (maybe not), but come on.

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