slow week

i never got around to posting that on sunday i decided i should get a case of some kind for my new iphone, so i went to the galleria. bleh. but i figured the apple store would be the most likely place to have cases to fit the new phones, as well as a good selection. wrong. but anyway…i got there, and of course there was a line for the iphone. maybe 50 people or something. but they were guarding the entrance, and i learned there was a (much shorter) line just to get into the store at all. *sigh* i went and ate lunch and came back. still a line. i started to leave, but then decided i had already violated myself by going to the mall, so why not just go ahead and roll with it. i waited about 10 minutes to get in. once in, my sales guy couldn’t answer most of my few questions, and didn’t seem too interested in figuring it out for me. the case selection was dismal (well, for non-leather). and to top it off, my sales guy was either a freak or on something. or both. he had a dazed look, paused and smiled a lot while staring into space, and seemed to feel the need to stay very close to me. like invading personal space close. i got my clear contour case and left.
the sad thing is, i may have to go back there. although it seems both at&t and apple stores are out of iphones most days, so maybe it won’t matter. but i’ve been thinking about trading my in for a 16gig, since i’m under a two-year contract. i don’t know what apps are coming down the pipe, or how i may use the phone in a year or more, so why not just get the bigger one and be done with it? but if no black 16gig phones are available for weeks, then i guess it doesn’t really matter.
thursday night i went with jack to brasil, where we hung out and tried to come up with ideas for an advertisement he is going to be running in a fancy-schmancy architectural magazine (he bartered photog work for it). i came up with plenty of interesting idea, but very little of it appropriate for the clientele of the magazine. i think he eventually got something he could work with though. while we were there, the hot russian chick no longer from work came by and hung out with us for awhile. she has an unnatural affinity for brasil.
last night i spent a few hours writing code in a language i don’t know (ruby), pulling data from network protocols that i’m unfamiliar with (zeroconfig), doing work for something that isn’t for me (jack). but it’ll be pretty slick if i can get it to work. i’ll post more about that some other time.
i was woken up at 10:30am this morning by the motorcycle shop calling. evidently my bike was almost done and ready for me, but when one of the techs was out taking it on a test drive he went to adjust one of the mirrors and it came off in his hand. he came back to the shop holding it. they are ordering another one to replace it, so my bike won’t be ready for at least a few more days. since it happened under their watch, i assume it’s at no cost to me.
today after walking to lunch, on the way back home i stopped by a new cigar store near my house. it’s pretty cool to have one so close. it makes it pretty convenient for picking something up if the mood suddenly strikes me. they’re still filling out their stock i think, but they have what appeared to me to be a fairly solid (if thin) overall selection. (of course, i’m no cigar fanatic or snob, so my opinion isn’t worth much.) then again, they didn’t have any of the things i specifically asked for…and no, i didn’t ask for swishers. : )
and very shortly, it’ll be time for the technology bytes radio show 13th anniversary party. it’s been about six and a half years that i’ve been on the show. (my first appearance on-air was in either february or march of 2002, i’m pretty sure.)

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  1. What was that you were smoking that made you turn green and had you in the bathroom for 3 hours that one time? I think it was at your first apartment at Nasa. You ever smoke cigarillos? It’s become my weekend treat lately.

  2. yeah, it was the first apartment there. must have been back in summer or maybe fall of 1995. you’ll perhaps recall that we’d just eaten a big meal of mexican food. i think at ninfa’s. and i think i had a burrito. i don’t recall what brand cigar it was, but it was a larger-sized, decent quality cigar. (you had a swisher, i recall.) i knew i shouldn’t have smoked the whole thing. i don’t think i was in the bathroom 3 hours though. i threw up large volumes of mexican food, but it was all out pretty fast.
    i’ve bought cigarillos before, but generally they’re too small for me. (they tend to burn too hot to me.) i do tend to enjoy smoking a flavored cigar after a meal now and then though. when i was in the tobacco store, i mentioned that and the lady said that flavored cigars were the hot trend right now. i hate doing what’s popular (even if i was doing it before it was popular, and that’s not why i do it), but on the good side maybe it’ll drive the market to create more choices for me.

  3. I think you were in the bathroom for quite a while. Maybe the enjoyment of throwing up made it seem quicker, but as I remember it, it was a significant amount of time. As per cigarillos: I started out on some vanilla flavored ones from Germany. But they stopped stocking those at Family Mart (a Taiwanese 7-11, although they do have actual 7-11’s here). I started getting some non-flavored Dutch ones, and didn’t like them at first, but now I’m more into them than the German ones and they’re even NTD$20 cheaper! (that’s about US$0.70).

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