802.1x peap on iphone (2.0 software, so 3g or not)

sweet! iphone 2.0 software does 802.1x peap wireless.
settings -> wi-fi
then do one of these:

  1. if you see the network you want to join in the list, select it
  2. if not, choose “other…”
    in “name” type in the ssid network name
    select “security”, then select “wpa2 enterprise”
    (or your network might use “wpa enterprise”)
    hit the “other network” back arrow

enter your username and password
click “join”
it shows you the certificate, click “accept”
(i’m not sure if it always shows the certificate, but it did for me)
it should now join the wireless network.
now if someone could get an ssh client into the apple app store…

1 comment on “802.1x peap on iphone (2.0 software, so 3g or not)”

  1. That’s pretty cool. There are ways to get CA certs onto the device, with a thick-client provisioning tool from Apple. I’m assuming that it requires you to plug in via USB.
    But I’m also seeing indications that iPhone 2.0 will NOT warn you that you’re accepting corporate overlordship when you setup the partnership with an Exchange server. BAD idea. So, just as we feared…I can wipe your entire iPhone 2.0 and you were never given a warning…

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