it’s all building up to something

thursday evening i watched cowboy del amor. it’s a documentary about “cowboy cupid” ivan thompson, a down-home cowboy who discovered there was money to be made in setting up lonely american guys with mexican women for matrimony. ivan is a funny guy with a lot of home-spun wisdom, and it’s very interesting to watch him. for $3000, ivan could set me up. of course, it appears his own personal life isn’t as idyllic as his wisdom and matchmaking skills would suggest.
friday was a maintenance day, so i was able to go into work late. i was originally planning to not go in until 4pm, but i ended up not doing anything so i gave up and went into work after lunch. at the datacenter i had some spare time so i logged onto my netflix account through a windows box and randomly picked a movie to watch. i watched film geek. it’s an indie comedy about a guy who is infatuated with film and doesn’t really have any kind of life outside of that. it’s both sad and funny. he ends up meeting a cool girl (who was really attractive…it’s a movie made by film geeks, after all 🙂 and she sort of causes him to come out of his shell. well, some. it’s got a happy ending that sort of acknowledges the absurdity of itself by being over the top. but i was happy to see the movie, especially considering it was a random fast pick just to watch something. (site for the movie: i had a little more time, so i started watching ham and cheese. it’s a mockumentary about two guys who want to be actors, but aren’t very…aren’t any good. imagine movies like best in show, waiting for guffman, etc. except canadian. 😉 it was pretty funny, but not great. and i didn’t get to finish it because we completed the work we needed to do. of course, it may also be because i was distracted by work. stupid work interfering with my movies. haha.
a few days ago i noticed somafm ( added a couple of channels. one of them is a jazz-based channel, so i haven’t tried it. but the other is called digitalis, and is geared toward electronic alt/pop rock stuff. think bands like the postal service, lali puna, dntel, styrofoam, ms. john soda, etc. i’m pretty excited about it and have been listening to it quite a bit.
i’ll save yesterday for another post, probably later today. i’ll just say i made a pretty exciting purchase. (well, exciting to me.) hopefully will have a pic or two.

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