and in the new corner, weighing in at 3 lbs, it’s…

saturday i finally made up my mind. i stopped by high times and picked up some incense and other stuff. (head shops have really good incense, yo. if you like incense, try one.) but before that, i’d headed to the galleria. i called ahead and the store verified they had them in stock. when i got to the mall, i pulled on to the second floor parking by macy’s and sak’s and there was a parking spot right by the catwalk. this was when it was verified to me that G-d wanted me to have this. i walked in, said what i wanted, and was out within 20 or 30 minutes. so without further ado:


yep, i bought a macbook air. and today i modded it to show off its unix roots (as you can see in the low quality, poorly lit picture above). i also got the ethernet dongle, an apple remote, the superdrive, and applecare. i got an edu discount on everything, so that helped some.
i’ve yet to really do much with it, but i got it up and configured and downloaded all of the patches for it. it was kind of a hard decision, even though i was pretty sure it would serve my needs well. in the end, it just seemed like a reasonable choice, and dwight’s positive experience with his review unit helped seal the deal. so hopefully i’ll be happy with it for the next 3 years or so.
later i met up with the potts in hermann park, where they were taking easter pictures of the kids. that was kind of like herding cats. due to some issues, jack ended up taking the kids to eat while sue went with me. we went to chipotle and hung out for awhile, then we came back to my place and she saw the macbook air. we talked for awhile, then i drove her back to her house. we were supposed to all watch snl, but jack had already gone to bed. so sue and i watched the rest of snl and then i headed home.
today i met up with sue at the bopho loft and we went to eat for free at a new chili’s. it was their training period because the store was getting ready to open. from there we went by the yankee candle store in rice village. i have evidently successfully managed to lure sue into the yankee candle camp. of course, i couldn’t help but buy something while i was there too. i bought two big candles: juicy peach and lemon lavender. i mostly got the lemon lavendar because it was on sale…i’m not sure if i’ll like it when it’s burning or not. from there we went back to the loft, and i played some with dietrich and calista, plus i had a nice conversation with ryan (who’d come by with sarah.) he’s also the one i had a nice conversation with at the house of pies a couple of months ago. he seems like a pretty cool guy.

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  1. Glad to see you finally pulled the trigger. I do think you’ll like it.
    But defiling a brand new MacBook Air with a sticker? I’m not sure you deserve one . . .

  2. Oooo…. aahhhhh. I handled Dwight’s review unit and it is such a cool piece of hardware. I just got a new Macbook after 5 years on my old Powerbook 12″. Got any suggestions for what I do with the Powerbook? It’s still running fine.

  3. An added benifit is going to be the look on Dwight’s face when he sees the mod. He has expressed his displeasure with those who would put any stickers on a laptop of any kind…
    On a Macbook Air it should doubly irk him!

  4. sorry dwight. personally owned laptops ask to be personalized. i didn’t accept the beige box mentality back in the early days of the pc either. and i don’t mind artwork in human skin. at least i try to keep it minimal, stylish, and interesting. my choice makes my laptop unique, but it’s also like a super-s3kr1t insignia for others who know how the demon in chucks connects to the laptop it’s on. (my 12″ ibook had a smaller version of beastie on its lid for the last four years.)

  5. laanba — i hear jay is accepting mac laptop donations because he wants to join the dark side. i now have a 4 year old 12″ ibook that still works of whose fate i am now unsure. i’ve actually got a couple of friends who might be interested in buying mine. the processor is too old to run 10.5, but i’m running the latest version of 10.4 on it. so…you could give it to jay, sell it, or put your music library on it and put it in the living room hooked up to the stereo and stream itunes over it. i’m sure there are plenty of other options. 🙂

  6. sticker = thumbs up. It looks more like an etching than a sticker too. Which is even cooler despite how much it might make Dwight cringe.

  7. When I first heard about this on Technology Bytes, I was with Dwight — it sounded like an atrocity.
    I’m glad I took the time to look at the picture. This is exceptional. Every time I see a laptop with a sticker covering up the logo (mostly on TV shows), I want to throw up. This one is very nice looking.
    You done good, phlikted (sp?), you done good.

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