she said “real life sucks losers dry.”

my order from amazon arrived in two parts on different days, but here’s all of it:

  • heathers – lehmann (new world/anchor bay)
  • cars – lasseter (pixar)
  • 12 monkeys – terry gilliam (universal)

my intent was to get the first, but the second was on sale, and the third was so cheap how could i pass it up?

  • life is full of possibilities – dntel (plug research)
  • notes and the like – ms. john soda (morrmusic)
  • the witch’s dagger – veronica lipgloss and the evil eyes (gold standard laboratories)

so yes, i finally got the ms. john soda and veronica lipgloss albums. the verdict is still out on ms. john soda. and the social views of veronica lipgloss may lead to it being difficult for me. i guess it depends on how much the vocals stand out.
i watched the heathers dvd a couple of nights ago. i didn’t really need to be reminded, but that’s a really cool movie. it prompted me to google search for the original script, but i didn’t find it. it sounds like the script was probably darker and more disturbing than the movie, although still with a strong sense of humour. from the script’s alternate ending provided on the dvd edition i have, it comes across that way.
on saturday i ate an enjoyable meal at empire cafe. afterward i dropped by a half-price books, more to pass time than with any particular purchase intentions. but i looked through stuff and ended up buying some things. i’ll break them into three major categories, as that’s how they seemed to fall to me:

  • kooler than jesus – my life with the thrill kill kult (wax trax)
  • big electric metal bass face – die warzau (atlantic)
  • agogo – kmfdm (wax trax)
  • exotika – chris and cosey (nettwerk)

yep, old industrial. i’ve looked at tkk discs for ages but never would buy one new because of their anti-religious thing. i finally found a used copy that wasn’t completely scratched to hell. it’s odd how most used cds i’ve ever found of old industrial music are always scratched up.

  • comfort eagle – cake (columbia)
  • under the western freeway – grandaddy (v2)
  • the geometrid – looper (sub pop)
  • odyssey – fischerspooner (emi/capitol)

this is the alternative/pop category. i picked up looper completely on a whim. i had hopes from the song titles and label that it would be good. i haven’t given it a fair shake yet, but what i’ve listened to left a distinction impression of suckage. i have friends who’ve raved about fischerspooner, and i liked a couple of their songs i heard on my “adult.”-based pandora channel. unfortunately, i don’t think the album overall lives up to the billing. it’s kinda too poppy and generic sounding for me. there are a few good songs, and the rest of it isn’t horrid or anything, but i don’t think it’s something that will really capture my attention much.

  • a proper introduction to – the carter family (proper)
  • the unbroken circle – the musical heritage of the carter family – various (dualtone)
  • buddy and julie miller – buddy and julie miller (hightone)
  • midnight and lonesome – buddy miller (hightone)
  • a-town blues – wayne hancock (bloodshot)
  • this time – dwight yoakam (reprise)
  • buenas noches from a lonely room – dwight yoakam (reprise)

and country.
here’s the context of this post’s title, which comes from the beginning of heathers:
dear diary,
heather told me she teaches people real life.
she said “real life sucks losers dry. if you wanna fsck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly.”
i said “so, you teach people how to spread their wings and fly?”
she said “yes.”
i said “you’re beautiful.”

4 comments on “she said “real life sucks losers dry.””

  1. I’m a bit slow in posting comments since I was on vacation for 2 weeks. I must say that I really enjoy Cake quite a bit. They are one of few bands that have never disappointed me. Off the top of my head, the only other band I can say that about is They Might Be Giants. I think “Heathers” was an excellent choice. I haven’t seen that in years. “Cars” was OK, but if I recall correctly, I didn’t care for “12 Monkeys.” I don’t really recall the movie at all, only a vague memory of disappointment in the movie’s ending — so I could be wrong. What did you think of Grandaddy?

  2. _12 monkeys_ is a time travel movie, and as such it kind of unravels oddly. plus they throw in some odd coincidences and such to make the idea he’s delusional seem more plausible. but i like gilliam’s visuals (in general), and i think the story is interesting…overall i like the film.
    the grandaddy cd did not disappoint. they are one of my favorite finds in the last few years. i think _sumday_ is probably still my favorite, but this new one is really good. it sounds a little more loose, with the old electronics stuff being mixed more upfront most of the time. i dig it.

  3. I don’t think I gave _12 Monkeys_ a fair chance in my comments above, so I watched it again when I found it was available at the library. Actually it was pretty good. I especially enjoyed watching Brad Pitt play his character. That was a great performance and far outside of his norm.
    I’ll have to check out Grandaddy sometime.

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