for those about to rocrament

i’ve spent the last week trying to work my way through yet another sinus infection. glorious things, they are. i gave in to taking an aleve pill now and then, drinking robitussin for the expectorant, and buying a humidifier. i’m not sure any of it helped, other than the aleve as a pain reducer. but at least i felt like i was trying.
thursday night i headed over to the continental club and witnessed the metal carnage wreaked by rocrament. jay and groove got some cool pics of the event. read jay’s blog entries for more info on the band.
friday after work i headed back to the continental club and caught most of a show by disco expressions. their shows are fun. eventually, my sub-par sinuses on top of my being there alone led me to leave.
sunday after church i did a fair bit of shopping for random junk i needed around the house or had been meaning to buy for awhile (like some oil for my pickup). i also picked up a sentry 14-gun safe from academy. it’s not a fire-resistant or fire-proof safe, but it’s thick metal and pretty heavy. should be fun to move into and out of the house.
i picked up one cd and one movie while i was out and about:

  • dumb luck – dntel (subpop)
  • idiocracy – mike judge (20th century fox)

at some point recently, i thought “man, i need to watch heathers” — only to realize there isn’t a copy of it in my house! the horror! i had a vhs tape of it, but i gave that to my brother when i got the dvd. i remember watching the dvd, but it’s nowhere to be found. it must have been one of the things the alief pothead loser children stole from me when they broke into 9023 (my old house). i immediately went to amazon to rectify the situation.
not too long after getting my new 8 gauge captive hoops i realized one of the balls was loose. (the same thing happened with one of my 10 gauge hoops last year.) i’m sure it doesn’t matter to some people, but the jangling/rattling can be annoying — especially when the wind’s blowing it around while on a motorcycle. a quick visit to taurian today and it’s all better.
peter was physically at the studio tonight for the radio show, instead of calling in from san antonio. it was cool to get to see him. it’d been about a year i guess.

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