online radio and the impending adult. show

did you notice in the last entry that i drove all three of my functioning vehicles in one day? that’s a sharp eye you have. a very sharp eye indeed!
i received in the mail my soma fm t-shirt i was given for donating $50 to if you haven’t checked them out, please click on the link and give one or more of their channels a listen. (you can also find their streams in the pre-populated radio lists in itunes.)
while you’re at it, find out more about the jacked up crap being done to try and silence internet broadcasting. it’s just yet another case of monied business in power trying to use unfair legislation to give themselves breaks while destroying competition. just yesterday, the copyright royalty board refused to hear any motions for a re-hearing. it’s ludicrous. please consider doing something to try and keep online stations (especially the small and non-profit ones) streaming. (
in addition to soma fm giving me a cool shirt, my acquiring of said shirt also provides my wardrobe selection for the adult. show tomorrow (wednesday) night at the mink. i even purchased an advance ticket this last weekend to protect my entry (although i don’t think it’ll sell out). i’m so completely amped about this show. i just missed them the last time i know they came through houston, as i had just started getting into them. they are one of my current favorite bands, specifically in the electronic-based alt music category. i’ve been pining to see them live for some time now, so i’ve got pretty high expectations. nothing better happen to ruin my experience.

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