is this thing on?

geez…i’ve taken a break from blogging, it appears. i have a good excuse! no, really! okay, not that good, but still…
the adult. show at the mink. it was somewhat disappointing, unfortunately. on the good side, it was not due to any of the things i’d feared might occur. it was cool to see them, and to hear them live. but their equipment crashed after about two songs, and it took five to ten minutes for them to get it functional again. that totally killed momentum and excitement. after that, either the sound wasn’t mixed right or the equipment was goofy because things didn’t seem right — it sounded like parts were too soft or missing. even if i’d come into the show with low expectations, i think all of this happening would have hurt the show’s value. the crowd was also fairly small, but i didn’t notice too much since i got up pretty close. (and their were enough cool looking girls to distract me.) they played a lot of songs off of their new ep — but since i waited to pick it up at the show so i could get more money directly into the hands of them, i was unfamiliar with the songs. i bought two things at the show:

  • * why bother? – adult. (thrill jockey)
  • * t & a – tamion and adult. (ersatz audio) – limited edition 7″ vinyl (#1096 of 2000)

still, like i said, it was cool to see them live. hopefully next time they won’t have equipment problems, and the show will live up to my internal mental hype.
the other two bands were dan deacon and parts and labor. barrett had actually managed to get dan to call into the radio show earlier in the night (and we gave away three pair of tickets), so at one point i stopped him and told him i was one of the guys from the radio show. he seemed like a very friendly, funny guy. he’s going to be playing again at the mink in june. i think he’ll be headlining next time around, and he’ll have his new album for sale. his set was more storytelling and audience participation than songs, but it was pretty funny. parts and labor was more of an old-school hardcore/emo band with electronics infused…not what i’d expected. they were good, but not what i was in the mindset for, so i didn’t really get into it.
i wore my soma fm shirt to the show, and i had kind of hoped someone would notice and comment on it. alas, no one did. but then i didn’t comment about a guy’s “commodore” shirt, so maybe i got what i deserved. i wore my new shoes, and have been wearing them fairly regularly. unfortunately, their sizing is a bit small. i’m glad i ordered a half size larger than i originally considered, because these just fit. the right one has been digging into my heel, but i think i’ve finally gotten them mostly broken in. ah, the high cost of fashion. they’re flashy, but the blue is metallic and somewhat dark/muted, so i’m not completely self-conscious about them. since my boots are still broken down, i’m having go between the tribal flame shoes and my doc martens sandals. i really need to go ahead and order those new custom-made motorcycle boots.
after the show, i headed to the house of pies and had some coffee and a slice of coconut cream pie. it’d been awhile since i’d been to the house of pies. after that, i headed home and got to work. no, really. i had agreed to do something at 2am. i spent about 2.5 hours taking care of some mail server business for work, then headed to bed. due to this, i slept in thursday morning, but other than that i can’t recall what if anything i did thursday. forgive me if i had a great time hanging out with you and have completely forgotten about it.
friday after work i met up with some coworkers at azteca’s, even though i wasn’t too excited about it. the place has a certain negativeness attached to it, mostly because at some point i heard or inferred that some people that hurt me deeply from my past used to patronize the establishment. (that would be tamara and alistair. duh.) i’ve been there a couple of times with coworkers, but they’d lost interest in the place a good time ago, and i was none too disappointed. anyway, friday i went. the company was fine. i had two strawberry margaritas and some chips and salsa and a small amount of cheese dip. unfortunately…
friday night my digestive system went into distress mode. i kept waking up and being in pain, but falling back asleep. late saturday morning i was supposed to help out raj by meeting some possible future renters coming by to see one of the garage apartments, but i was pretty pitiful. (if you’re interesting in living near me, and in a small efficiency ground floor garage apartment, let me know.) i managed to get up and take a shower, but i was weak and mostly non-functional. fortunately, the current renter had already agreed to show the place so i didn’t have to do anything. i went and bought some tums, thinking that was all my body needed. (speaking of that, i found cocoa and creme tums. yum! however, while they tasted fabulous,) they didn’t pretty much nothing for my confused and pissed off digestive system. i spent most of the rest of saturday asleep. i did manage to eat some chicken noodle soup, and watched a couple of hours of tv (the history channel) in the evening.
sunday i got up and felt better, but still not quite normal. i met the potts’ at a bagel shop and had a bagel with some cream cheese. a small solid food test. things seemed to go okay. i went off to kaleo. after church i opted to go home instead of eat out. i had an all-fruit smoothie from jamba juice, then a couple of hours later i ate some more chicken noodle soup. in the evening i met the potts’ at cain’s, where i had a chicken finger sandwich. a more substantial test of my digestive system, which turned out nominal.
monday at work i tried to be friendly to my system by eating a chicken pot pie and a cup of fruit from jason’s deli. i still felt a little off, but functional enough. monday evening jack called me up to see if i wanted to work on some stuff related to his business. i recently helped him move his site over to my server, and have been trying to help him do some web, mail, apps, etc. stuff. he said he was going to taft street coffee house. even though jack apparently has decided to let the past slip away, i’m still not comfortable hanging out at taft. it’s run by ecclesia, and the poor actions of their leadership years ago toward myself and friends still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. so instead we went to inversion coffee house. it’s on montrose near westheimer, where the art league is (where the inversion house art project was when it was around). we stayed there a few hours and did some work, but more talking (with each other and various other folk). a couple from kaleo works there, and i ended up having a good conversation with jesse for a while. i had an au lait and a pastry. digestive tract test number three: thumbs up.
tuesday at work i decided to give my digestive system a full-on, hold-nothing-back test to see if it was truly back to normal. i had a chili cheese burger and onion rings. if my system didn’t throw up its…uh…hands…in protest, then i knew things were okay. fortunately for me (and probably those i rode to lunch with), everything went well.
tuesday evening i started working on entering genealogy information on my family website. i had entered some a couple of years ago, but my server crashed and i’d lost what i’d entered. it’s going to take a lot of tedious work to get the stuff (genealogical info, historical sketches, etc.) entered from the leifeste book, but i’m hoping at some point (probably in the distant future) i’ll have it all online.
wednesday i was supposed to get my new crown. (my current one is green, don’t you recall?) the dentist’s office called and told me my new crown hadn’t arrived though, so i had to cancel the appointment. they’re supposed to call me and set up a new appointment when the crown arrives. given the fact that everything i’ve had done there has been problematic, once i get the new crown i believe i’m going to be looking for a new dentist. that’s part of what i hate about randomly picking some new dentist or doctor or whatever…you never know what you’re going to get.
the show last night was a fun change of pace. jay wasn’t around, and he usually drives the show, so it was kind of a free-for-all for the rest of us. i denoted this by replacing the normal moog cookbook “buddy holly” (weezer cover) with the “ma-nah ma-nah” song from “the muppet show”. i think things went well. i even think we managed to answer pretty much every question.

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