house of cash — no, not johnny

i forgot to mention i went by cavender’s on saturday. i picked up a couple of pearl snap shirts, as well as a hard plastic hat box for cowboy hats. my most prized purchase though is one of those wire hat holders with a spring that you affix to the inside roof of your truck. now i need a gun rack.
i went solo to the wild river band show at the mucky duck sunday evening. the wild river band was good. herb remington appeared to be in a good mood and was joking around quite a bit, which i think led him to play more and with more spark. how can you not appreciate getting to see/hear the man himself perform “remington ride”? i wasn’t all that excited about the venue though. i’d been there once or twice before, but never for a show. (i’d also sat outside, not inside.) don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place and the sound was good — but it’s sort of more like going to a somewhat ritzy dinner theater than going to a live concert: the lighting is dark with candles on the tables; there’s a bar but most of the floorspace is table seating — thick, dark wooden tables with ornate dark-wood chairs sporting deep complex-patterned upholstery; the short stage is in one corner of the room; and they’re serving food. now this was pitched as “super supper sunday” or such so maybe it doesn’t always have that feel, but i’m guessing the place generally has a more sophisticated, sit-down, quiet vibe. i think i prefer places like blanco’s and the continental club more. perhaps when i get in my 50’s my preferences will change.
moving on to the sale of my house — i’m not really excited about living in it while it’s showing, but i don’t have much choice. i’m sure the cat is pretty freaked out by all of these strangers coming into the house all of the time too. i guess at this point it sort of feels like what’s happened to the rest of my life due to the affair and tamara taking advantage of the situation in the courts. (i’ll refrain from explaining that at this point in time. maybe later.) the house has been shown around 15 times so far, and there have been 3 or 4 offers made at this point. none have been for the asking price.

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  1. Good luck with the sale. Ours is still on the market in Ohio, although we do have a deal with a family looking to sell theirs. It has been the one and only offer that we have received after 5 months on the market. It’s the worst market for sellers my realtor has seen. We have no hope of breaking even and I’ve made 2 payments on an empty house since we struck the deal we have.

  2. wow, that sucks. i was kind of worried about ours staying on the market for months and months. which it still could do. but we’ve gotten multiple offers on it, so that’s at least somewhat promising.

  3. Do you have to both agree on any price negotiated below asking price? That seems like a big headache. The Mucky Duck is a great place to see a band which is not popular enough to fill up the room. It is a lot more laid back and there is no pressure to eat with that dinner-theater feel. I thought the place was a bit wierd the first time we went there (it was a sold out show).

  4. i actually wrote a lot more in this entry about the divorce settlement and what’s gone on with the house and how tamara and her attorney have behaved, but i made the decision to nix all of it since they have tried to misquote and manipulate things i’ve said on here to suggest to the courts i’m intentionally trying to harm the sale of the house. i’ll probably post more about it at some point though.
    the wording of the divorce settlement agreement was that we would both agree on a realtor with certain credentials, and the realtor would set the asking price and put it on the market. we would then set a timeframe and if the house didn’t sell within it, we would lower the asking price by a set amount. this would continue until the house sold.
    i got a realtor, we agreed on her, and she set the price and put it on the market. at this point, we have not discussed timeframe for dropping the asking price or how much. fortunately, so far tamara has seemed agreeable to the process and has been genial with the realtor. and we’ve gotten a few offers, one of which raised to the asking price — so if that goes through we won’t have to deal with agreeing on negotiated prices. (i’ve not heard if tamara said okay to the offer yet, plus there are still a number of reasons the sale could fall through.)
    from the way things have been going so far, i believe we would both be having to agree on any price below the asking price. the headache may be why the boilerplate settlement lays things out the way it does. but the realtor i got has been talking to both of us and trying to get us to make decisions, so so far it hasn’t been an issue.
    i think part of my dislike for the mucky duck is that it feels like it’d be hard to create much energy, because the place seems to have a lounge or dinner theater kind of feel to it. but i can see some types of shows being good there because it feels sort of intimate and mellow. there are bands that play there now and then i’d like to see, so maybe i’ll go back and see if the vibe feels different.

  5. I have to agree with Red Kev, I think who the band is playing there makes a difference. I always liked the place personal, and over the years, generally got along with the staff.
    I like the Continental as well, but I have one problem with it. I don’t mind going to bars where smoking is going on, but that place has no ventilation what so ever. I feel like I took a bath in Cig Smoke when I leave there.

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