take me out to the ballpark

thursday afternoon a friend at work came by and asked if i wanted to go to the astros/st. louis game because his group from work was going and he had a spare ticket. i agreed. about three minutes later, jay from the radio show called and asked if i like baseball. he was going with a co-worker and friend and they had a spare ticket. i laughed and said i’d just been asked and said yes, and now wondered if i.t. departments all over houston were all going to this game. he asked what kind of ticket i had and i told him, then he told me where his tickets were. i accepted his better offer and gave mine back to see if anyone else at work wanted it.
i met up with jay, his co-worker, and their friend at the big top on main (technically part of the continental club). we went over to the park and got there in the second inning. as we were walking to our seats st. louis scored on an error, which i feared didn’t bode well for an exciting game. the seats were club level, first row, right over third base. (the same section i’d sat in a few months ago when i went to a game for free via work.) it’s a great vantage point for an overall view of the field and game. the game was okay through the seventh inning, although st. louis had the lead the whole time. during the seventh inning stretch we got up and moved. they had a second set of tickets. these were field level, second row, to the first base side of home plate looking straight down the third base line. we were basically 15 feet or so from the astros batter on deck. it was a great view for pitching and batting. well, the bottom of the eighth the astros were behind one run, berkman came up with one on base, got to a full count, then hit a homer to put the astros on top. wheeler came in to close the top of the 9th, and shut st. louis down. it was a great game, and we had two sets of excellent seats to watch and enjoy the game.
after the game, we headed back to the big top for awhile, where a drunk gay man left with the hula girl bic lighter i’d bought in pennsylvania during my truck trip. which isn’t a big deal, i just thought it was kind of funny. i also ran into byriah from taurian there. he’s kind of easy to recognize, but i was kind of surpised he recognized me. i’ll probably be visiting him next june, if i don’t get up my gumption and drop by earlier for an eyebrow piercing.

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  1. That game was on TV while Jo & I were at happy hour here in Seattle. I thought it was strange that an Astros game was on. That’s funny that you were there. I didn’t see you though.

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