neighbor update: hot and bothered

today as i left on my motorcycle to go eat at sylvia’s enchilada (a great mexican food restaurant on westheimer toward highway 6), i noticed a couple of white folk going up to my next door neighbor’s house. mormons? christians? activists? the guy was older, mostly bald with short white/grey hair and a well-trimmed beard, wearing slacks and a sweater. the woman with him was blonde and skinny, wearing tight black slacks and a tight blue dress shirt.
as i got on my bike they walked over to me, which made me figure they were indeed going door-to-door. then the guy spoke: “do you not have any problems with your neighbor?” he had a heavy russian — or at least slavic — accent. she hardly spoke. it turns out he lives in the house caddy-corner to my back fence (thus sharing back fences with my neighbor) and is annoyed by my next door neighbors. he said they’ve been throwing trash in his yard, throwing or shooting things at his house, yelling things, etc. which i have no doubt is true, because while the guy and his wife are nice, at least one of their sons is an annoying idiot. i think it’s that he hangs out with trouble kids more than that he is one himself, but unforunately he is currently choosing a poor path in life. tamara and i had numerous problems with him and his friends over the years (mostly petty vandalism, though one time they dented up and marked on tamara’s kia sephia), and they still continue to be a nuisance. i wouldn’t doubt it if he was involved with the kids that were breaking into houses in our neighborhood (and stole my ipod, 13 dvds, and some other stuff).
the white guy seemed pretty frustrated and kept going on and on about them. unfortunately for him, my neighbor’s wife can hardly speak any english and she was the one who was home. (my neighbor’s english isn’t so great either, but it’s better than hers.) i think some of it may have been a lack of understanding of the stupidity of kids, but i’m sure he has some stuff to be justifiably annoyed about as well.
it’s too bad he was fixated on his frustration, because it would have been kind of nice to have a conversation with him and find out where he was from and such. plus his daughter was hot (i’m assuming it was his daughter), and maybe she needs a good Texas man with a loud motorcycle and american citizenship to help her out. 😉

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