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let’s see…the latest purchases in music:

  • the little darlin’ sound of stonewall jackson: the mighty stonewall jackson sings modern hits and original favorites
  • the little darlin’ sound of johnny paycheck: on his way
  • cake: motorcade of generosity

i already have the first “little darlin’ sound of” release of johnny paycheck. i thought the stonewall jackson album would be interesting. and i love “rock and roll lifestyle” by cake, but for some reason just kept putting off buying their first album. i’m currently looking for the little darlin’ lloyd green album. he was little darlin’s house steel guitar player.
i’m also slowly working my way through my christmas present from my brother: a 7-cd box set of re-releases of all the original johnny cash sun albums (each one containing the original album plus some bonus tracks of alternate takes, unissued, demo versions, etc)…

  • johnny cash: with his hot and blue guitar
  • johnny cash: sings the songs that made him famous
  • johnny cash: greatest!
  • johnny cash: sings hank williams and other favorite tunes
  • johnny cash: now here’s johnny cash
  • johnny cash: all aboard the blue train
  • johnny cash: original sun sound of johnny cash

let’s see…i also recently placed an order from scatch (scott hatch), my arch-nemesis and owner of burnt toast vinyl:

  • woven hand: woven hand
  • woven hand: blush music
  • woven hand: consider the birds
  • bosque brown: plays mara lee miller

woven hand is a project by david eugene edwards from sixteen horsepower. i’ve been meaning to pick them up, i just never had done it. throwing some scratch the way of ol’ scatch seemed like a good way to do it. (as compared to throwing scatch the way of ol’ scratch.) i also picked up a burnt toast vinyl black t-shirt. i knew bosque brown was in dallas, but i just recently read the album description on the burnt toast site and realized she is originally from stephenville. that’s where my grandparents lived, where my mom grew up, and where my mom and dad met (because my dad went to tarleton).
and last night i went to blanco’s and listened to james hand. he invokes hank williams in dress, voice, and stage presence. during his first break i talked with him and told him i saw him in san angelo months ago, to which he quickly responded “and you still came to see me?” they were good at that show, but the audience was totally not into them and in fact they had to deal with some heckling. it was pretty lame. gene, the guy that plays bass for dale watson, was playing bass for him last night. i drank, i smoked my pipe, but i didn’t dance.
on to movies…
on friday i rented and watched pretty persuasion. it was a biting, dark satire on american culture. because it’s set at a school, it brings to mind election. and i must admit, it’s got some similarities. sometimes the irony is a bit too obvious or stretched, but i think it says some very accurate but sad things about our culture. and it’s funny, but you’re wincing and annoyed at the same time. there’s little if any nudity, but a lot of implied and just-off-screen sexual activity, plus a lot of crass sexual comments and such. i didn’t expect it to be quite as dark as it was (kind of like when i went into election).
i think i’ve also decided that i’m finally going to break down and join netflix. i used to do cost-benefit analyses in my head over it, and my renting habits were just too random to justify the cost. but after talking to some people, i think joining netflix will actually alter my watching habits and get me watching more stuff. plus it’ll give me a much larger pool of movies to pick from. and if i see some trailer for something, i can add it to my list instead of having to try to remember it and look for it the next time i go to rent something.

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