daddy needs a brand new year

friday i decided (with natalie‘s assistance) to drive to austin to see dale watson. you see, he’s going on indefinite hiatus starting jan 1, 2006. we got to the continental club around 10:45pm and there was a line to get in. i was worried, but the line slowly moved and we made it in during the first song of the night. it was a good show, and i’m glad to be able to say i saw dale’s “last” (for now) austin show.
the next day we got up and headed to kerbey lane (the one near campus) for lunch. unfortunately, my brother’s timeline never lined up with ours, so i didn’t get to see him. after spending a few hours at kerbey lane, we headed back to houston. all in all, it was a nice road trip. (aside: it’d be cool if i could find a job in austin.)
when we were just getting into houston, i got a call from jack and sue to see if i wanted to meet the potts family for supper at chuy’s. which i did. i’m glad they’re still my friends and include me in their collective life.
afterward, i stopped by a tobacco shop and picked up some pipe tobacco. for some reason i’ve been thinking about trying to give smoking a pipe another shot. i’ve always grown frustrated in the past because i don’t pack it right or something, so i have to constantly relight it. anyway, i had a nice chat with the guy working at the store, and bought some filters, pipe cleaners, and some butter rum and cherry tobaccos (actually, he gave me free samples since i wasn’t sure what i wanted). i then headed back to the house.
they say whatever you’re doing at new year’s, that’s what you’ll be spending most of the next year doing. i’d thought of going out and finding some random female to hug and kiss, since it’d be nice if i could be doing a lot of hugging and kissing in 2006. but then i thought it might mean i’d be hugging and kissing a lot of random women, so i decided against it. i’d seen that wayne hancock was supposed to be playing in houston, so i figured that would be a cool way to ring in the new year (cool live music and all). but it turns out the show was cancelled or something. i looked around and didn’t see any other shows of interest going on. around 11pm i called jack…he answered but had obviously been asleep. he said sue was up and i could try calling her, but she didn’t answer so i left a message.
so how did i ring in the new year?
i smoked the pipe some (still frustrating), then sat alone in my house on my computer reading stuff online. looks like it’s going to be another bang-up year… 🙂
(the idiots around my neighborhood firing guns up into the sky…i assume that’s where they’re firing them and not at someone…are just the icing on the new year cake… and for the record it’s not that i didn’t have any offers for things to do for new year’s, it’s just that i didn’t do any of them…but in the end, does that really matter?)

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