movie day

i’m off of work today, so i’ve decided to make it a movie day. i played with moviefone, getting lists of movies i’d like to see that are showing today, and built a plan. here it is:
capote – river oaks – 2:15pm (109 mins)
the squid and the whale – the angelika – 5:30pm (81 mins)
fun with dick and jane – the grand palace 24 – 8:10pm (90 mins)
syriana – alamo draft house – 10:15pm (126 mins)
i could tighten that schedule up and maybe fit in one or two more, but i kind of like a fairly relaxed pace and this should give me breathers and plenty of travel time. there are some other movies around that i’d like to see, but they weren’t listed on moviefone so i’m guessing they aren’t available to see right now. (not including king kong which i’m mildly interested in, munich which i decided to not try to fit in, and narnia which i’ll wait on). some are probably already through their runs, like murderball, a history of violence, hustle and flow, and good night and good luck.

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  1. Movie day — interesting. Sounds groovy.
    Took the kids to see Narnia today. It was extremely great. Literally a treat for my entire family. It is cool that the kids are at ages where it is possible for us to all enjoy some of the same things. Well I guess the makers of Narnia deserve some of the credit as well. 🙂

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