a new vice


thanks to a visit to the briar shoppe in rice village, i am now the proud owner of a peterson cara smooth (ebony pipe with a sterling silver band), style 69 (as seen above). i also picked up various accessories and four one-ounce bags of tobacco: accountant, ambrosia, amaretto, and colombian mocha (it would appear “things starting with the letter ‘a'” was popular with me that day for some reason).
i have since realized buying pipes online is a much better deal. but, oh well. it was my first real pipe purchase, and being able to see a variety in person and actually handle them was part of the experience. we’ll see if this is something i pick up, or if it is a short-term interest. either way, i figured i might as well jump in head first so i know that if i don’t like it that it isn’t because i was working with cheap equipment and tobacco.
friday night i rented and watched the baxter. it’s a romantic comedy, but not standard pop movie fare. while sometimes it seemed like they were overdoing the quirkiness of the characters, and it sort of felt like british characters except they were american and it was set in the u.s., i enjoyed the plot and the execution. a clever twist at the very end (i mean the very end) really made me smile. but all in all it was nice.
sunday afternoon and evening i rode around with brad and kelly. we ate at the amazon grill on kirby, then headed downtown and went to the franklin street coffeehouse (which i’d not been to yet). after that, we went to brad’s and he helped me give my bike a highly-needed cleaning. i ended up going with them over to a friend’s place, where several folk gathered to eat and hang out. it was cool being in a group of people that i feel like i actually have something in common with as far as interests in music, movies, and faith. of course, they were pretty much all a lot younger than me. oh well, can’t have everything. i didn’t leave there until like 4am or something…monday morning hit not too long after i put my head to the pillow…

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  1. Nice looking pipe. I’ve never smoked one, but I always liked being around people who do. I wish I could have been there for the bike wash. Mine is filthy even though we are on day 25 of straight days of rain. I would have brought up the age average too.
    Oh, and the minnow story is priceless. Makes me glad I don’t eat meat anymore. 🙂

  2. thanks. 🙂 yeah, i’ve always thought pipes were pretty cool and a lot of the aromatic tobaccos smelled nice. (i actually like cigars and their smell, but i like pipes better.) i’ve personally known very few people over the years who smoked pipes, so it’s all mostly uncharted territory for me. so far, my current experience is going better than in the past. it appears tamping makes a big difference.
    my bike still looks very nice. but it’s sat in the garage since that night, as i have the luxury of driving another vehicle if i think it’s going to be wet or cold. it should be a nice day on sunday though.
    that little fish was horrid. horrid, i say! it was just a fish plucked out of the water and dried up (maybe smoked, i don’t know). gah. but i really don’t like the smell of fish or seafood. i don’t eat fish or seafood. (every now and then i might eat freshwater fish, but that’s very rare.) i will start to feel ill if a supermarket has a fish section in the meat department that smells strongly of fish or seafood. but i tried it anyway. no one that tried one enjoyed it, other than the co-worker from china who knew what they were and took the rest of the bags that everyone else was leaving behind. she seemed to rather enjoy them.

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