google/sun and ntfs

while at work today i heard about the new sun/google alliance. very interesting. i think sun has more to gain, but google getting better access to java and star office could be good for them too. plus i’d think the very act of the announced alliance would annoy microsoft. google certainly is doing a lot of stuff…it’ll be interesting to see what they end up doing over the next few years.
in unrelated news, i’ve spent the last four and a half hours trying to get drivers installed on my old pc so i can have audio and network. this so i can get the machine to the point where i can go through the randomized files found on my borked ntfs hard drive and see if i can salvage anything from when the system crashed and burned however long ago it was. (year and half?) it’s exciting living on the edge by not doing backups, but trying to salvage stuff sucks.

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  1. Terry,
    As said, it’s a sad day when a sysadmin/dba doesn’t believe in backups on their own machine. Maybe you should shell out for a new Alienware/Falcon Northwest that is more redundant and has hardware less likely to crash ???

  2. i didn’t say i didn’t believe in them. i believe in them. i just don’t do them.
    as far as new hardware…i already did that: i bought a dual-processor power mac g5. i’m r0x0ring mac unix these days. in fact, i think part of the reason my pc crashed is because it was jealous. i hopefully won’t be going back to micro$oft on my personal machines moving forward.

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