cigars, comics, and inner peace

well, now i went and did it. i bought an entry-level humidor. which of course means i’ve been out buying more “snobbish” (i.e., not supermarket-level) cigars, and i’m actually planning on trying to keep them in good shape instead of letting them dry out. don’t worry too much about me though, i’ve still got some swishers around here somewhere.
smoking a cigar every now and then is an unnecessary but enjoyable act. it’s not to get a buzz or anything. in fact, i pretty much work to avoid that. i like the way cigars smell (i like pipes even better, but i’m too impatient to put up with the ongoing work that’s involved in smoking a pipe…maybe someday), and sitting and smoking a cigar tends to be a contemplative time for me (especially if i’m outside).
i also picked up some comic books. of course i bought indie and “weird” comics. i’ve got a reputation to keep up, you know! people who buy comics are just dorks if they don’t buy the right ones. it’s sort of like walking through a reputation landmine as an initiation — not much room for error, but if you succeed then the cool kids accept you. (the fun part of this paragraph will be seeing who thinks which parts are sarcastic.)
the last few times i’ve bought comics, i’ve bought several from oni press. i was pretty impressed with last exit before toll and one plus one (both written by neal shaffer, both on oni). today one of my purchases was no dead time (oni). not incredible, but enjoyable and causes thought and/or emotion. it’s always nice to run across something that does that. oni also re-released madman: the oddity odyssey, which is written and drawn by mike allred and is awesome. (but i already have the old release, and i tend to love allred’s stuff.) and this isn’t on oni (i read it maybe a year ago) but blankets (written and drawn by craig thompson) was really good.
thursday night was the first time in awhile i’d really felt a good amount of self-pity about my current life status. oh well, it comes and goes. it only hurts when i think about it. 🙂 while i personally think i have the right to be having a hard time dealing with things, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck, and i would like it if i could pull things together better and move forward in a positive direction with my life. i could go on and on about this subject, but i’ll refrain for now.
so until a cool-looking girl with high moral standards and a belief in G-d comes knocking at my door and makes me feel all squishy inside, i’ve got my cigars and comic books to keep me company. and mithras to keep me in line. (see the “rita swag” comments)

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  1. Odyssey in this post, schnauzer in the swag post… you could just ask to see the pups if Hans isn’t enough canine for you.
    Cigars? pipes? swing dancing? How did you age 40 years since school? Thinking about colonics and retirement already too? You’ve got wayyyy too much to do to before that…now go do some lawnwork and paint the house and *you* start knocking on some doors looking for the cool-looking woman with high moral standards (you’ve got bars at your house – only a funky long-armed chick could knock on your door).

  2. lol @ Trueblade.
    Well, you know what they say Trueblade…”the longer (and funkier) the arms, the higher the moral standards”. Which explains why he wants to wait.
    …they *do* say that, right??

  3. believe me, hans is way more than enough canine for me. i’m glad i’ve only got a cat.
    i’ve been smoking cigars now and then and trying pipes on occasion since early college. (where did you get the swing dancing from?)
    and you’re one to be talking about aging since school! who’s getting an mba, doing landscaping, having a baby (evidently…thanks for letting me know via an aside in a comment on my blog), fixing farmland and houses, going sans motorcycle, watching tv all the time, eating supper at 5pm, going to bed at like 9pm (or is it 8pm yet?), getting up at 5am (4am yet?), sporting the clean-cut suburban look, etc.? eh?
    no reason for me to do lawnwork or paint the house: i’ve got to sell it no matter what, and i get no consideration for putting money or time into it. plus there isn’t much lawn left after the pigs had the run of the place for so long, and with the siding molding and falling off the house for a few years, painting wouldn’t do much good.
    as regards the dating world: suggesting i take the initiative is great, but unfortunately that’s not really my personality. and i don’t live in the right neighborhood to go knocking on doors. i’m not sure where that neighborhood is either.

  4. They way I figure, I’ve got more communication going here than on the phone or person. I thought this was the life blog where we can keep abreast of each other when Double Dave’s isn’t open. Jamie’s got a weird blog too, but her’s has pics on it. How about you post some pics too? Please refrain from any long-arm-haired women though…put those pics on Jamie’s site 🙂

  5. while it may be true that you communicate with me more on here than by phone or in person, this is *my* life blog, not yours. so i’m afraid you’ll either need to get your own blog to tell me about what is going on in your life, or you’ll have to call me or see me in person. double dave’s isn’t such a bad idea either.
    for what it’s worth, i have put some pics on this blog. just not of me. or other people that i know. i’m trying to keep my blog more text-oriented. jamie, however, can obviously put whatever kind of women she wants on her blog.

  6. Why would I want to post pics of Terry’s long-arm-haired girlfriends on *my* site?? I mean, unless they are like *Chewbacca* long-arm-haired, and then maybe I’d consider it.
    Hmmmm…. ::pondering:: …..yeah, that could be cool.
    Yeah Terry, at the very least, you could post the swing dancing pics. Trueblade and the rest of the world would like to share the magic that swing dancing has brought into your life……be a sport and don’t deny them that privilege any longer!

  7. Terry,
    I didn’t know this was a personal blog, I thought it was a general blog. But with your l337 haxor skills, I figure you would spruce things up. Maybe you could have an RSS feed running as it’s hard to stay up with your/Jamie/acks updates… 🙂

  8. look at the bottom of the navigation on the right. “Syndicate this site (XML)”. that’s an RSS 1.0 feed. if you want an RSS 2.0 feed, just hit these have both always been around. that link has been there the whole time. i never have mentioned the index.xml file, but it’s standard. i’m not sure about comments though, as they aren’t a part of either one of those feeds. since i don’t currently use rss feeds for anything, i’m not up to speed on them. maybe if i get bored enough i’ll look into it.

  9. well, trueblade, i utilized my 1337 h4x0r skillz (i.e., google) to find a comments rss 2.0 feed template. which i have put on the site. look at the bottom of the right-hand nav bar and you will now see a “comments feed” link. it shows the last 20 comments to my site. you’re welcome.

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