use only in case of emergency

a year or two ago i was standing at a metro rail stop when a small, folded, light yellow piece of paper caught my eye. i picked it up and opened it, and it was a credit card receipt for the silver palace chinese restaurant. the good part was it included the full credit card number, card type, expiration date, holder’s name, and his signature. i pocketed it and have kept it with me at work. i don’t even know if the account is still active or not, but it’s sort of like a mental security blanket i can keep for use in case of extreme circumstances. that expires 10/05.

3 comments on “use only in case of emergency”

  1. You’re not going to go back to Silver Palace and get an order of sum yung gy, are you? 🙂

  2. i’ve never been to silver palace, so i’m not familiar with their menu. looks like you’re quiet knowledgeable about that sort of thing though.

  3. Nah, heard about it on the radio somewhere. Think it’s safer to stick with the rosy palmer than going with that dish…
    btw, taking Kimberly to the range Friday…wanna go?

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