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evidently the divorce was finalized last friday. tamara called jack about coming over tomorrow (monday) to pick up the two sentimental things she wanted. never mind that she’s got a small u-haul worth of stuff, including a lot of stuff that is completely hers (not “ours” in any way, shape, or form) like photo albums, guitars, books, camera, etc. and if she doesn’t take it i have to deal with it. i shouldn’t have to deal with it. it should be her problem to deal with. but this is pretty much par for the course — she takes whatever she wants and i get to clean up all of the sh!t left behind. i can’t believe how painful things continue to be, especially after all the stuff she’s done to me over the last couple of years. d4mn if i don’t still have a problem accepting that this is reality, at least at times. i’m seriously at a loss for words to describe how broken and hurt i am by all of it.
on a related note, what kind of law firm am i working with, where they didn’t even bother to call me to let me know what did or didn’t happen on the court date? for over a week? and i’m paying how much for this? geez, being naive about lawyers and the legal process got me screwed on this one.

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