well, i got the engine ordered. this led me to looking into lots of other things i’ll need, as well as things i may have to change to get the engine in and operating properly. i think the engine should be showing up within the next week or two. i’m kind of excited, but it also seems like too many options with too many unknowns — so the process may suck the enjoyment out of it. kind of like life.
saturday sue made me go the yankee candle store. i used a “buy one, get one free” coupon i had, and got:

  • chocolate truffle (large jar)
  • cafe au lait (large jar)

they will go into my out-of-control collection of yankee candles, which i buy faster than i burn. i suppose that fits in with the rest of my approach toward life: success and abundance with what’s trivial, failure and scarcity with what matters.
today when i left work, i got on my bike and went to start it…when i realized i had left the fscking thing turned to the “on” position and thus completely run down the fscking battery. yet again. except this time i did it at work, in the parking garage, which means i have no easy access to it. so i walked home. this was for three reasons: [1] to punish myself, in the hopes that perhaps it will remind me in the future to not be a fscking idiot, [2] because i could probably use the exercise anyway, [3] to not bother anyone else with the results of my stupidity, and [4] because i don’t really have hardly any friends anyway (specifically not that live in the area where i work or live). it’s probably only a few miles. i think i walked it in about 45 minutes or so. still, my leg that was injured in the motorcycle accident is hurting now. i stopped at star pizza and had a salad and a slice of pizza and a couple of shiner bocks (on tap). i think i’m going to go continue drinking now that i’m at home, with the hope that i’ll pass out before i realize the full implications of being such an utterly stupid waste.

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