cold chillin’ with my 40

today was kind of a suck day. i didn’t sleep well, i woke up late, i didn’t get to shave, i forgot my phone at home, i was very busy at work, i had to work late, i managed to completely crash an appliance, my phone didn’t charge when i plugged it in, and i had to rush to the studio for the radio show.
in good news, the show went well, i then went to the house of pies for some bayou goo, and i got well-wishes from a number of people via email, facebook, mail, and phone while completely avoiding any shenanigans at work.
then i came home and made this mixed drink that seemed like a wonderful idea in my mind, but it turns out to not be so great. or maybe i just need ice to keep it cold. but i came up with such a great naming convention for it, i have to provide it to others.
radioactive piss = pineapple soda and malibu rum (serve cold)
bloody radioactive piss = radioactive piss plus a splash of cherry juice (or grenadine)
bloody radioactive piss with kidney stones = bloody radioactive piss plus a packet of sugar in the raw
for what it’s worth, this drink is still much better than my other drink from a few years ago that seemed like such a great idea before i made it…
alien abortion = sour apple pucker and bailey’s
like the radioactive piss (both named after looking at the drink and attempting to describe them), the alien abortion looks really cool. it was supposed to be a layered drink. unfortunately, the tannish bailey’s immediately curdles and pours itself into folds of what kind of looks like flesh inside of this hyper-glowing green liquid that is sour apple pucker. it tastes about as good as the description.

3 comments on “cold chillin’ with my 40”

  1. Happy B-day! Beer is easier and you don’t have to spend much time or effort to describe how it looks.

  2. I have a hard time believing that you ever really thought that the alien abortion recipe was going to taste good, which is what it seems like you are saying. Unless you were extremely uninformed about what either or both of those liquors tasted like separately. Which I don’t think you were.
    I still think it was a great idea though. I love this. And the tasting horrible is a vital part of its brilliance – the visual and taste descriptions go perfectly with the name. This should be a drink reserved for people who have lost a bet, or for targets of revenge.

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