if the lack of power don’t kill me…

(this is being typed on my iphone, so excuse any weird typos)
i’m still without power. sleeping on the porch last night was pretty nice, since the cold front came in. it was nice today as well, and should be nice for the next couple of days.
I ended up going over to Methodist cafeteria yesterday evening before leaving the medical center area. it was good to get a warm burger.
I got up today around 10am I think. I’d charged up my iPod at work last night, so I laid on the porch and listened to music with the headphones. I took a warm shower (my water heater is gas) and got on my motorcycle. I saw a few places with long lines and still a lot closed. I ended up eating at cleburne cafeteria. chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, cooked carrots, cucumber salad, Texas toast, and an iced tea is not exactly roughing it.
I went back home and stayed at the house awhile, then a co-worker who lives in pearland asked me if I wanted to meet him at his house. it had some wind and rain damage. I took my camera and iPhone and iPod. he didn’t have power, but while I was there the power came on. I charged my electronics and watched some tv, then headed back home.
I was home for awhile, then decided I’d try to get something to eat. I drove around, but places seemed to have long lines, and a couple of places I thought of going that I figured would be open weren’t. I finally stopped at the hobbit, but when I walked in they said they were already closed for seating due to the curfew. so I gave up and went home.
so now I’m eating some pretzels and cookies and drinking some water. I also have a 750ml bottle of patron silver I think I’m going to investigate. no wonder people used to smoke and drink all the time back in the olden days. there isn’t much else to do after the sun goes down if you’re by yourself.

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