“sounds like somebody’s got a case of the mondays.”

well, the holiday weekend didn’t pan out like i’d thought it would. but it was still a nice break, and pretty relaxing i suppose.
friday i ate a late lunch at sylvia’s enchilada. i met sue and the kids there. about the time we got our food, jack called with an emergency from the wedding he was at. we ate, then i went to fry’s and got some compact flash cards and gave them to sue to get to jack. i then went to the potts house and waited for sue and the kids to get home. they showed me their newly renovated back yard — new huge playset installed, the deck freshly power-washed and painted, a covered area, etc. i left late, then when i got home i remembered chris and some people were going bowling and had invited me, but it was already after time so i decided to just stay home.
saturday i got up late, then took my bed quilt to a laundromat to wash and dry it (since i’d rather wash it in a front-loader). i chose the laundromat right next to jenni’s noodle house, so while i was doing the laundry i was eating at jenni’s. very convenient. i spent some time searching for stuff online (which perhaps i’ll mention when it arrives), then i went over to the potts house. i stopped at the sonic by beltway 8 on bissonnet to pick up some food. boy, they weren’t running a very tight ship. eventually i got my food. i went over to the potts and sue and i ate and watched cowboy del amor. we watched the tail end of the snl rerun on that night, then i returned home.
easter sunday i got up around 11am or something. jack called and we had to decide between two traditional easter sunday meals — sloppy joes or double daves pizza. we decided to save the sloppy joes for supper, so i met the potts family at double daves there on 59 across from lakewood church (nee compaq center, nee the summit). while there, jack went around by the bathroom, then came back and commented that they had both of the bumper stickers i have on my pickup on the wall…”G-d bless johnny cash” and “bob wills is still the king”. i wasn’t particularly surprised, as the johnny cash one i’ve seen around a fair bit, and i’ve seen the bob wills stickers around too (although they’re less common). a little later i got up and walked around to look at them. then i noticed…it was actually my bob wills sticker. the exact same one i have on my pickup. the one i made on cafepress because i couldn’t find any of the vinyl ones i used to see. that was pretty bizarre. i didn’t know anyone else had ever bought any. i didn’t set it up to charge over their base price, but i thought cafepress would let me know if anybody ordered anything. i went around and talked to the guys in the kitchen area about it, but they seemed non-plussed about it and just said “yeah, people put up all kinds of stickers and stuff in here. *shrug*” after eating, i came back to my house and picked up my macbook air and bottles of triple sec and sauza commemorative tequila and headed to the potts house. we took one of their couches outside, and i spent most of sunday evening sitting outside. i drank a couple of margaritas, smoked a cigar, ate a sloppy joe, and we just sat around and talked and watched their kids play. it was really nice. but i kept wishing i had someone by my side. sometimes you feel really content and comfortable in a situation, but you wish there was someone sharing it with you. or at least i do. somebody had bought their kids some chocolate from some small local chocolate company. i had a little candy egg with a hard sugar outer shell that was filled with truffle chocolate or something, and my response was “i’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but if i were a woman i think this would touch me in my ‘special place.'” man, it was really good.
monday i still didn’t feel like my weekend should be over, so i burned some personal time to take an extended lunch break. i think it capped the extended weekend nicely.
this evening i went to crescent city beignets and had some cafe ole and some beignets. i finished the book i’ve been reading for a while now: the catcher in the rye. i read it for the first time probably 7 years ago or something. i’d pretty much forgotten most of it, so i felt like it was about time to read it again.

that’s the whole trouble. you can’t ever find a place that’s nice and peaceful, because there isn’t any. you may think there is, but once you get there, when you’re not looking, somebody’ll sneak up and write “fuck you” right under your nose. try it sometime. i think, even, if i ever die, and they stick me in a cemetary, and i have a tombstone and all, it’ll say “holden caulfield” on it, then what year i was born and what year i died, and then right under that it’ll say “fuck you.” i’m positive, in fact.

i only had a chapter or two left to read, so i went tonight i went ahead and took the next book i’m starting: crime and punishment. i’ve never actually read any dostoevsky that i can recall, other than bits and pieces. and in the very first pages i found a bit i loved:

hm…yes…man has it all in his hands, and it all slips through his fingers from sheer cowardice…that is an axiom…i wonder, what are people most afraid of? a new step, their own new word, that’s what they’re most afraid of…i babble too much, however. that’s why i don’t do anything, because i babble. however, maybe it’s like this: i babble because i don’t do anything.

something to think about, eh?
peter: hey, guys.
michael bolton: what’s up, g?
peter: want to go to chotchkie’s? get some coffee?
samir: oh, it’s a little early.
peter: i gotta get outta here. i think i’m gonna lose it.
female: uh-oh. sounds like somebody’s got a case of the mondays.
(from office space)

3 comments on ““sounds like somebody’s got a case of the mondays.””

  1. office space rocks. I watched idiocracy and it was a far cry from office space. It was somewhat funny at times, but also annoying (most of the time). btw, Is there any reason in particular you’re reading a russian author? I’m going to try and catch up with you on email after tuesday. Academia has been a jealous god the last few weeks…

  2. laanba: perhaps you should check them out and see what you think then… 🙂 raindrop chocolate. 810 waugh. on waugh near allen parkway, between allen parkway and dallas (north of west gray).
    ash: yes, _office space_ does rock, and _idiocracy_ isn’t as good.
    i bought the dostoevsky book back in early october of last year. i’ve been trying to buy and read some good copies of classic literature, and i’ve never really read any russian authors. but mostly i bought it because my brother was (is?) a huge fan of dostoevsky, and i’d thought a number of times through the years about reading some of his work.
    plus, if i ever follow up on all of these emails i keep getting about russian mail-order brides, it’ll give me something to talk about that they are probably familiar with. 🙂

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