shovel on a little more coal

saturday i was able to get in touch with someone at state farm and solve the mystery of the stop payment check. evidently they cut a check straight to the shop, but then cut me a check the next day by accident. so they put a stop payment on the check. someone should have got in touch with me to let me know, but they didn’t. they offered to pay the $3 bank fee if i sent them a copy of the bank documents. so at least that wasn’t painful.
later i went by sound waves and picked up a few cds:

  • * odelay – beck (bong load/geffen)
  • * brighter than creation’s dark – drive-by truckers (new west)
  • * all the greatest hits – lynyrd skynyrd (mca/universal)
  • * icky thump – the white stripes (third man/warner bros)

i ate at goode company bbq, then went by an aaron brothers and picked up four more frames while they were basically 1/2 off. i dropped by an old navy to use the gift card i got for xmas, but they were either closing or shedding almost all of their inventory — the place was about half empty and pretty much everything was on sale. from there i headed by a toys’r’us and picked up a few games: candyland, trouble, yahtzee, and a set of double 12 dominoes. i took those over to the potts for a game night. when i got there, sue was sitting in the driveway and said she’d hurt her knee falling down. she could hardly walk, and over the course of the evening it started to swell pretty good.
sunday i got up and ate a late lunch at niko niko’s. it was supposed to be getting warm, so i rode my motorcycle — though i did wear my leather jacket. i’m glad i did, because it never got as warm as it was supposed to, and by the time i headed home later it was pretty chilly. from niko niko’s i met emily at the angelika and we watched persepolis. i’d bought the graphic novel a few years ago when it came out and liked it, so i was interested when i saw a preview a few weeks ago. they animated the movie in a style similar to the comic art style in the graphic novel. i really enjoyed it, and thought the animation was really well done and was a joy to watch. it’s the story of a girl growing up in iran, being a very young girl in the 70’s. it’s about her life, but intrinsic to that is how she has to deal with the politics and culture of iran — and their change through her formative years — on a personal and familial level. it’s subtitled, but if you can handle that i recommend seeing it.
sunday evening, after doing some research online, i headed to border’s to make some purchases and order some cds so i could use the gift card i’d gotten for xmas. unfortunately, several of the things i wanted they couldn’t even order (which seems odd to me, but maybe) so i had to modify my plans some. but then when i went to pay i forgot about the gift card and paid with my credit card, so i guess it’s all sort of irrelevant anyway. here’s what i got:

  • * the information (deluxe) – beck (interscope)
  • * twitch – ministry (sire/warner bros)
  • * the district sleeps alone tonight – the postal service (subpop)
  • * we will become silhouettes – the postal service (subpop)
  • * the white stripes – the white stripes (third man/sheridan square)
  • * bucky fellini – the dead milkmen (restless)

that last one is actually on order. what couldn’t they order for me? kraftwerk’s trans-europe express and ministry’s the mind is a terrible thing to taste. i gave up after they claimed those were unavailable.
monday night i watched the holiday with emily. it’s interesting that they cast jack black in that role. he really had to try and restrain himself a lot i think. i identified with his character though. it’s not a movie that was high on my want list of things to watch, but i remember seeing a preview at some point and thinking it had possibility. it was a pretty decent movie. not completely predictable (well…), and an interesting mix of character personality types. i thought that was almost the most interesting thing — how it developed two very different personalities both going through the process of self-discovery in somewhat similar situations. sort of a relationship chick flick version of freaky friday, except they switched houses instead of bodies. ha.

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