how do i afford my rock’n’roll lifestyle?

not much happened last week. really. at all. completely boring.
friday night was a maintenance evening. a co-worker talked about getting something to drink, but nothing ended up happening. i was released earlier than usual, around 10:30pm. i felt like doing something since i’d sort of gotten it in my mind, so i decided to head to the two tons of steel show at the continental club. i got over there and walked past the continental club and into sig’s lagoon. i looked around there a bit, then walked past the continental club and back to my vehicle. i just didn’t feel up to being at a public event by myself. sometimes i have enough emotional reserve to go out by myself. a lot of times i decide i’d rather just sit at home by myself doing nothing, instead of sitting out in public by myself watching other groups of people and couples and such. exciting.
so instead, i came home. around 12:30am i decided to drink. a little later (well, around 2 hours, and: 2 shots of goldschlager; 3 shots of butterscotch rum and bailey’s irish cream (also known as a “buttery nipple”); 2 shots of southern comfort; 3 shots of peach pucker (guessing…i drank the last of it from the bottle); 2 shots of dooley’s toffee liquor; 2 shots of “bad apfel” apple schnapps; and 3 or 4 shots of watermelon pucker (guessing again…i drank all that was in the bottle)), i was compelled to go to bed and sleep. i woke up around 7am, went back to sleep. woke up around noon, took an advil and a couple of tums, went back to sleep. finally i got up for good around 3pm. i had a bit of a headache and didn’t feel all that great, but not too bad. so i guess i can add one more notch to the number of times i’ve gotten pretty toasted. unlike the previous two times, this one coincided with no special occasion i can think of. and i didn’t throw up, pass out, knock anything over (although i did toss two empty bottles across the room…i didn’t break them), or hurt myself. i guess i will pitch it as an interpretive performance art piece trying to align my body and mind with the way i felt emotionally. i spent the rest of saturday over at the potts’ house.

excess ain’t rebellion.
you’re drinking what they’re selling.
your self-destruction doesn’t hurt them.
your chaos won’t convert them.
they’re so happy to rebuild it.
you’ll never really kill it.
yeah, excess ain’t rebellion.
you’re drinking what they’re selling.
–cake “rock’n’roll lifestyle” motorcade of generosity

sunday i got up and went to kaleo. the sermon was pretty good, i thought. i was planning on being sociable, and i did pretty well, but i didn’t manage to catch anyone going to lunch. i guess maybe i’ll have to try initiating it myself. of course, that’s going to be bad if i still end up eating by myself. (at least people at work will eat lunch with me.) i eventually decided to go eat by myself at a berry hill in the afternoon.
then i headed downtown to the verizon theater to catch the houston roller derby. i’d been thinking about going to a bout for a long time, but i never had. fortunately, i’d gotten an evite from kymberlie so i wasn’t going to have to go by myself. it was a really good time! i highly recommend checking it out next time they’re at it. we sat on/near the floor, about 5 to 10 feet from the rink. i still don’t exactly understand some of the finer points of the scoring and penalties, but it’s pretty easy to understand the real skating skills and knocking around they’re giving/taking.
later that night i thought it’d be cool to go check out a free show by the lonesome spurs at the big top. they weren’t listed on the continental club site (which is sort of also the big top, kind of), but the lonesome spurs’ myspace page listed it. it said 10pm, so i showed up at 10:15 or 10:30pm. i bought a $2 can of lone star and commenced to stand there by myself and wait. they were setting up for awhile. so i waited some more. 11pm came and went. i’d finished my beer and was starting to get tired and bored standing there by myself. finally, i said to myself (because i had no one else to tell) “if they don’t start by 11:30pm i’m leaving.” so i waited until 11:31pm, then i left. eh. maybe next time i’ll not be as tired and/or not be alone. i was looking forward to seeing them.

2 comments on “how do i afford my rock’n’roll lifestyle?”

  1. That sort of reminds me of a Mike Knott song:
    “One more drink and heaven could be calling
    And I won’t care if the sky starts falling
    Cause I feel free with God and a bottle and me”
    Mike Knott- Denial
    Except in your case, you might want to change the last line to “and some bottles and me”!!

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