hanging out with a bunch of yankees

i finally got off my butt and returned the 3 netflix movies that had been collecting dust in my possession for about 6 months. geez. but i’m sure netflix was more than happy to have me pay $20/month for 6 months for no reason at all.
sunday i got up and went to church. after that i met the potts and rich murphy at chuy’s. it turned out that matt kenenske and jerry and rick (?) were also there. they had come down from the northeast for cliff’s wedding (mentioned a couple of entries back). in fact, matt was performing the wedding ceremony. he’s the pastor of the crossroads church up in the maryland/delaware area. lunch was pleasant. i think at least half of the table had been at my wedding, although most of them didn’t really know me. (they were all friends of tamara.) so i spent some time talking with jerry (who i was sitting by) about why my mentioning of tamara and my marriage was in past tense. hopefully it wasn’t too dominating, as i tend to be paranoid that i’m talking way too much when i talk for very long.
trying to decide what to afterward, the visitors (minus rick (?), who left to catch a plane) wanted to do something “Texan.” so i offered to take them to the gun range. after mulling it over, they decided that would be a pretty appropriate “Texan” thing to do. i brought a few of my pistols, and we spent about two hours knocking holes in paper. they seemed to have a good time. i enjoyed it, hopefully they did too. matt and jerry headed back to their hotel in la porte, then rich and i went over to jack and sue’s house. we ended up ordering pizza and watching idiocracy.
monday after work i met rich and the potts at a chinese/vietnamese buffet over near their house. after eating, we went back to their house and hung out and talked. rich was flying out tuesday afternoon. i’d met him a couple of times (once i think at cornerstone), and i think tamara and i hung out with him and scott hatch when they came down to visit jack and sue years ago. anyway, it was cool to have some time to get to know him a little better.
last night i watched wal-mart: the high cost of low price. it was okay, but i really didn’t think it was great or anything. i freely admit, i am no fan of wal-mart. i try to avoid shopping at them (and almost always succeed). on the good side for the movie, they had lots of different people on camera. but some of it i felt like was nitpicky, or a technicality, or not the fault of wal-mart. whenever they stuck to facts and presented numbers and information, or really went into some detail about wal-mart’s poor practices, then it was okay. when you’re just hearing one person’s opinion pulling on your heart strings, or listening to them sit around and talk bad about things that happened at work, the force just isn’t there.

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