saturday evening (last week) after the gun show, i went over to the potts’ and ate supper, then watched jesus camp again. i’d seen it with natalie back when it was in the theaters. (i thought i’d mentioned that here in my blog, but i can’t find an entry…maybe i never published it or something.) i still felt about the same about the movie this time around. (although you won’t know what that is, since i evidently didn’t post the other time. maybe i can go find it later….)
sunday after church and lunch i went to the range and fired my new glock 23 and mini mac 9mm. i put about 100 rounds through the glock and about 150 through the mac. i was really happy with the way the glock felt and fired. i can see myself quickly developing a good opinion of it. and the mac — well, it was a lot of fun. blast and smoke, casings flying, a long string of rapid-fire shots…i’m sure i had a big grin while i was shooting it. it’s so fun to be able to revel in one’s jr. high fantasies. if you ask nicely, i might be willing to let the mac fulfill your unrealized fantasies as well…so long as you’re paying for the ammo and range fees.
tuesday i left work early and participated in a focus group. and i got paid $100 for it. i signed an nda so i guess i can’t really talk about it much, but it relates to engines other than regular gas engines in certain vehicles. i was hoping i’d get picked to do some test driving they were supposed to be doing later in the week, but i didn’t. i’d never participated in a small focus group before, so it was kind of interesting. there were 8 of us, plus the moderator. we were in a room with a one-way glass mirror so they could watch us and take notes and record things. the group was a somewhat diverse mix of backgrounds and personalities, mostly 30’s or 40’s, 4 women and 4 men, all white.
last night i had some vivid dreams. in one i was going over to some kind of commune-ish house, and it ended up that tamara was either living there or was visiting friends there or something. i guess one of them was trying to get me to talk with her. it didn’t start off well, but i ended up talking with her and she went from being rather mean-spirited and aggressive about stuff to being reasonable. it was a pleasant surprise in the dream, as well as when i woke up and remembered how my mind had pitched her. after going back to sleep, i had a dream where i went into an apartment i was living in and realized someone had broken in and stolen all of my stereo equipment. and possibly a lot of other stuff too. i got insane with rage. i’ve had similar dreams related to my house a number of times, as well as numerous dreams about my car being stripped, broken into, etc. i hate having stuff stolen from me, and unfortunately twice in the last year or two someone has entered the place i was living and stolen stuff. so i guess it makes sense i’d have dreams now and then where my place or car has been broken into and stuff stolen. it’s something i have as an ongoing low-level fear now that i never used to worry too much about. of course, it could also relate to the way i feel about what the legal system did to me regarding my savings and retirement and such from the divorce. only a lawyer (or someone getting something out of the deal) could know anything about the situation and say it was fair with a straight face. but i keep rockin’ in the free world.

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  1. Someone swiped my new (used on ebay) GPS I bought recently. Of course, our “secure” garage is not all that secure and I am lazy and never removed the GPS, so it wasn’t too hard to take and I blame myself for assuming a crack head would recognize the relative low value of that outdated simple GPS and go on to the next vehicle. Easy pickins. Bought a “new” one on ebay last night for 20 bucks cheaper than my last one though. I don’t think anyone’s stolen from the place I lived since I was about 8.
    I gave my dad an email address I had for you since he was complaining about the new “security” features on the computer system for the place where you both draw a paycheck, so he might contact you if he runs into more trouble. I think he circumvented the system successfully though.

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