9 to 8

at some point over the last few days i watched the special star wars edition of “robot chicken” on tv. i’d seen a few bits from it on youtube, but man the whole thing was pretty hilarious. i recommend watching it, if you get the chance.
sunday i went to church, then ate with the potts, then jack and i went to the gun range and fired most of my pistols and the mini mac-11. unfortunately, the mac-11 jammed in some weird way so i am going to have to mess with it and see if i can figure out what’s up. the taurus, glock, and walther all performed flawlessly.
monday night i watched a free preview of eagle vs. shark. someone described it to me as a new zealand napoleon dynamite. i don’t want to write it off as a copycat, but there are a lot of things that give the statement creedence. this main character was much more self-centered and thus mean than the napoleon character was though. i thought …dynamite was somewhat slow the first time i saw it in the theater, and it was only once i started talking about it with others and remembering all of the funny parts that it gelled in my mind and i wanted to see it again. it went on to become a movie i like a lot. likewise, e vs. s seemed somewhat slow. we’ll see if others watch it and talk about it, and it causes me to recall with fondness the quirky, funny moments (of which there were many).
tuesday night i watched a free preview of death at a funeral. it’s a british comedy about a bunch of family and friends coming to the funeral of a wealthy man. it’s one of those that takes a while to set up the various characters and what’s going on with each of them, building momentum slowly over time, until at the end it’s out of control. i thought it was really fun. after the movie i came home and was hungry, but i don’t have much in the way of food. i ended up heating cans of dinty moore beef stew and veg-all, both of unknown dates. i was a bit worried, but i’m still okay today so i guess it worked out. although i did have some odd dreams last night.
i shouldn’t go without mentioning today would have been my 9-year wedding anniversary. that’s an unfortunate piece of my life, let me tell you. not the good aspects of my relationship with tamara — those were some wonderful times, and some things i can still look back on fondly. but when it got bad, it got really bad. and in the end i got screwed over by someone who hardly bore a resemblance to the person i’d once believed she was. maybe she hardly recognized herself. i’d like to think that’s the case.
maybe one of these days (hopefully sooner than later) the romantic aspect of my life will find some fertile soil and sunlight again. it’s really one of the few areas where i feel a large amount of unfulfillment these days. but i also don’t want to push or force anything.
this evening after the radio show i stopped by taurian body piercing and had byriah stretch my ears from the 10 gauge captive hoops that had been in for a year up to 8 gauge captive hoops. the stretching went really smoothly and quickly. my left ear, like last year, had more tightness during the stretching than my right. if you’ll recall, my left is the one i got pierced at a claire’s (or something similar) in a mall in san antonio in 1990 or 1991 with a piercing gun. i had problems with it for months where it never would heal. eventually i gave up on the “safer” gold posts and went to a surgical steel post. my ear healed up nicely not too long after that. but i think all that time with issues caused some scar tissue and such, and is probably why the skin doesn’t stretch very easily or well. anyway, i’ve got somewhat larger hoops in a larger gauge, so if the next time you see me you think my ears or head look smaller — it’s actually that my jewelry got bigger. (at least i’m not aware that my head or ears are getting smaller.)
i recently upgraded my blog software. so now i’m like all current and stuff. i can’t wait to see how much it improves the quality of my blogging!

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  1. The main character in Eagle vs Shark is also in HBO’s new show Flight of the Conchords that we saw a free preview of the other week. It was hilarious and I’m looking forward to Eagle vs Shark. I’m sure you can torrent flight of the conchords if you don’t have hbo.

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