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i forgot to mention in my last entry that i got an email response from representative ron paul on may 23rd. i had gone to his website back around the 5th and sent him a message stating that even though he wasn’t my representative i wanted to thank him for co-sponsoring the internet radio equality act. (at the time, he was the first and only Texas congressman doing so.) his response said:

Thank you also for your kind words regarding my cosponsorship of the Internet Radio Equality Act (HR 2060) that reverses the Copyright Royalty Board’s recent misguided decision. Please be assured, I will continue to fight to protect internet radio from misguided federal policies.

i think i like him. especially since some folk in the goober republican party are flipping out about him suggesting the events of 9/11 might be tied on some level to our foreign policy in the middle east. as if that’s an absurd or irrational view — it’s only been said by numerous people (and thought by numerous more). the republican party is becoming more and more like a drooling man-child with anger problems every year. it’s sad, years ago they used to be a decent group. and since the democrats marginalized and ostracized the southern democrats and populists long ago (the part of the party i might have been able to identify with), it seems my only course is being an independent. (although the libertarians have been giving me the eye, i think.)

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  1. You mean to tell me that 9/11 could have been caused by the we treat other people? You’ve got to be kidding me!
    The LaRouche people set up on a different street corner downtown everyday here in Seattle. I like telling them LaRouche is too conservative for me so I can watch them squirm and try to think of a quick response as I walk on by.

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