jesus and spiderman

i actually wrote this entry back on may 6th. it was the day before my server crashed. i was sort of occupied with other things, so this entry just sat around. i’m going to go ahead and push it out now, with new comments in square brackets. here goes:
woke up today and i’m still having some sinus issues. stupid sinus infections.
[the sinus infection is over. and i didn’t have to go to a doctor. yea!]
i made it to kaleo, even though einstein bagels tried to screw me by making me wait for a long time (because they didn’t tell me they were out of blueberry bagels and having to make more.) today’s sermon was pretty nice. bill was discussing the 4th chapter of jonah, and it led him to discuss the idea of “loving a city” and the implication that you need to love people who are different than yourself. i thought he had a good way of presenting it, and something valuable to say to a lot of people who seem unaware of their biases (although maybe kaleo isn’t the most appropriate church to hear that particular message, even if everyone does in some way). i wish bill would have stabbed a little harder and deeper, because i think it’s a subject people need to be forced to evaluate about themselves. which isn’t meant to imply i don’t, it’s just something i already think about so it was nice to hear bill discuss it rather bluntly from the pulpit. once it’s up on the kaleo podcast page, you should go and listen to it. [remember, it’s the may 6th sermon.] you can even hear bill say jonah was acting like a real ass. (which he apparently hadn’t planned to work into his sermon.) it’s kind of funny since i’d been surprised to hear jake (the first time he’d done a sermon at kaleo) say “sucks”, “pissed”, and “screwed” from the pulpit a couple of weeks ago — then bill had to go and one up him. it doesn’t bother me at all, but i wouldn’t be surprised if at least a few people took some offense to it. oh well, screw ’em. 😉 honestly, what it should be taken to show is that they got more concerned about one accidental language slip than the people of the city they are in — because that’s what should have been on their hearts and minds, not being offended by a word (which was accurately and appropriately used as meaning a donkey, even if the u.s. doesn’t view it that way).
after church, a bunch of people went to bennigan’s. after lunch, tyler showed me a couple of his pipes and his hookah (all of which he happened to have in his car). then it was off to the marquee theater to see spiderman 3 with the potts’ guys (jack, jackson, and dietrich). i actually still haven’t ever seen the second movie, but i’m familiar enough with the comic book characters to be okay. we saw it on the imax, and had to sit on around the third row — but at least it was near the center. the movie was enjoyable for a giant hollywood movie. sometimes the fighting sequences moved so fast it was just sort of blurred spinning and flashing stuff. of course, having the screen go beyond your primary field of vision might have amplified that. but the storyline and action was enjoyable enough that i didn’t get bored or annoyed. i wish they could have done half as good a job with the punisher movie. frank castle deserves better than that.
after the movie we met up with the potts’ women. jack took the kids home and i gave sue a ride on my motorcycle to pick up their car (which was at jack’s office). later we all met up their house for some ice cream and tv. it’s about the only time i watch tv. speaking of tv, i haven’t heard anything from boltz about the status of my new tv stand yet.
[obviously i’ve since gotten the tv stand and have it set up.]
when i got home, i figured out my blog had been vomitting on comments for the last few hours. sorry if anyone tried to post a comment and got back an error. apparently, my blog doesn’t like it when i don’t clean out the junk comment folder for over four months and over 13,000 junk comments collect in there. fortunately, i was able to run a repair on the comments database table and it was successful. i guess maybe i should look into automating database backups so it happens more consistently than when i happen to think about it and take the time to do it.
[funny how i made that statement, then was starting to look into it, and the next day my server crashed. for the record, i still haven’t set up any kind of automated backup.]

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