it’s only rock and roll

last night i considered going to the firehouse saloon to see back porch mary, a band from austin i’ve never heard of before, but in the end i decided to go to the continental club and see southern culture on the skids. i’m familiar with some of their songs from boot liquor, and they’ve been around, so i figured there might be a higher rareness opportunity with their show.
i rode my motorcycle over and parked right by the front. i managed to catch the last few songs of the opening band. it wasn’t who was supposed to be opening…evidently one or more of them got the flu or something. the band that played was a local band given the show at the last minute. i really liked them. rockabilly / early rock. i think i recognized one or two of the three guys from other local bands, but i never caught their name. they had a cd though. (after doing a little online sleuthing, it appears to have been the octanes.) scots’ show was alright. it sounded pretty good, but it wasn’t as…exciting, i guess…as i’d expected.
one interesting thing, as i was standing there near the back, one of the couples from the meat and martini party walked in. she went to the front and he went to the bar. i went over and said hi, and we talked a bit. he said she knew the band. then a few songs later, they called her up on the stage by name to sing one of the songs with them. i guess she did know the band pretty well. ha ha.
after the show was over and i was leaving, i ended up talking with a mainstay at the continental club: big e. he drives an early 70’s harley and is into old cars (pre-60’s). maybe it’ll provide an opportunity to meet some people in the classics/hotrod/ratrod scene in houston.
after getting home, i stayed up until like 5am talking to the snazziest chick i know in sl. (she was disappointed by her lack of mention in my blog — well, except once in passing — so this comment is sort of obligatory, but still true nevertheless.) i got a few hours of sleep and still managed to go to church and not fall asleep during the service. this afternoon i met up with brad and kelli and we went riding around for awhile.

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