no more h4xr?

apparently someone came by last night and tried to steal a bicycle (it belongs to one of the other tenants) that was locked to the carport at my house. i assume that because i noticed the bicycle was in a different position this morning, and there is a place where the rubber-coated wire is almost cut through. having failed at that, they evidently decided to take the license plate from my motorcycle. i noticed something looked different when i got in my car this morning before heading to church, then after looking and thinking for a few seconds i realized what it was. but i waited to call the police until after i got back home.
this sucks of course, but it particularly sucks since it is a personalized custom plate and now it’s in the database as stolen. so i’ll probably have to get something else, and it will probably be hard to find anything i want that isn’t already taken. or if i get it reissued — if they even do that — then i run the risk of getting pulled over, having a gun pulled on me, taken to the ground, and handcuffed before they realize i have a legitimate reissued plate on the appropriate motorcycle. based on that scenario i’m thinking they won’t reissue stolen personalized plates. but who knows? guess i’ll find out this week.

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