like sands through the hourglass, it is.

man, i haven’t put something on here in almost two weeks. i’d actually written out most of this stuff earlier this week, but firefox crashed and i hadn’t saved it. as a computer guy, i know the most important thing is to save and make backups, because computers flake out. but i hardly ever do it. could be that i’m lazy. or it could be i’m an adrenaline junky, and living on the edge is the way i get my kicks. go ahead and try, you can’t stop me. i’m cuhraaazy!
anyway. let’s see if i can recall what’s been happening with me…
wednesday (jan 10th) after the radio show i picked up aphelia from a motel and we met up with jay lee, jennifer the intern, and barrett and his girlfriend at the big top. aphelia listens to the show and hangs out on irc with us, but much of the time he’s actually asleep because he’s in england so he just logs the stuff. he was in town from england for his job, so he decided to meet up with some of us after the show. i may have to go back to the big top more to see the bartender smile — she has a beautiful smile. but i probably won’t. 🙂
on thursday (jan 11th) i signed up for second life. several people i know through different channels had talked about it, so i figured i should get on and check it out. in second life i’m “phliKtid obscure”. most of the second life world seems to be consumed by gambling/casinos, dance clubs, and sex clubs, but there is some other stuff to be found if you look around. i’ve been on five or fix times since then, and i’ve finally managed get somewhat familiar with the way things work, meet a few people, and find a few places i kind of enjoy hanging out. i’m not much of a gamer, and i’m not into fantasy/role-playing, so for me it’s more like irc with visuals as a bonus. a couple of things i find hilarious are the way the avatars start typing when someone is typing for chat, and how if someone makes a hard landing (from flying, which you can do in second life) their avatar topples onto the ground and then clambers back up. i made my first purchase a couple of nights ago, a set of western shirts. now i need to get some cowboy boots. i can see how people could get addicted to playing it. so far i’ve not found anything compelling, but once i’m on i tend to want to stay in and see what happens or who comes around instead of leaving to do something else. i was the same way back in the day with irc.
anyway, if you’re on second life, send me a message. i don’t have any land, and as of yet i’ve not broken down and given them a credit card to get linden dollars, so don’t be asking me for stuff. ; )
friday (jan 12th) i went into work late because we were doing a maintenance window that night. i got out later than i’d planned, but afterward i went ahead and went over to natalie‘s for a game night. i met a few new people, and saw several people i hadn’t seen in some time (including natalie). pretty much the whole time i was there we played one game…it was fun, but it went on for a long time.
saturday evening i went and saw the lonesome spurs and unknown hinson at the continental club. it was the first show i’d been to in some time. when i got there the lonesome spurs were already playing. it was two folks, a guy and girl, both playing electric guitars (hers may have been acoustic, but i think it was electric). they were using something to create a bass drum beat during songs, but they didn’t have a drummer or any other instruments. it kind of made me think of a country white stripes. the guy was a good guitar player, and the lady made me think of loretta lynn — strong voice, loud, and kind of brash with some attitude. i thought it was a pretty good set, although i felt like a drummer or bass would help fill out the sound some.
ha! i just went to their website and it says “the white stripes of country”. the site compares her to wanda jackson. i can see that since i know a couple of her songs and a bit about her, but it wouldn’t come to my mind because i’ve never really listened to much wanda jackson. that’s something i’ve been meaning to change for awhile now, i just haven’t gotten around to picking up some of her stuff. anyway, check out the lonesome spurs website.
unknown hinson is kind of a schtick thing. the three guys that played appeared to all be older, and they all seemed to be pretty good musicians. it’s kind of a mix of rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and blues. the persona of unknown hinson is kind of a hard drinkin’ rockabilly vampire. i think. the set was pretty good, but the novelty wore off for me after awhile and i left before they finished.
saturday was also my brother’s birthday, but i still haven’t emailed him or tried to call him or anything. at least i already gave him something for his birthday during xmas. (the pipe. remember? i wonder if he’s tried it out yet? maybe i should call him.)
sunday i was planning on going to kaleo, but G-d didn’t wake me up in time. that’s kind of a somewhat-joking position i take, which is that if G-d wants me to go to church in the morning then He will wake me up. so i don’t set my alarm. i woke up sunday and thought i might be able to make it and just be a little late, but then on the way there i was blocked by a marathon. as if G-d not waking me up didn’t prove it, the marathon blocking my way definitely proved that G-d didn’t want me at church. so instead i went to an einstein bagels and had a bagel and some coffee. after church i met up with the hartleys, the potts, sue’s brother shawn, and some friends visiting the potts at lupe tortilla’s for lunch. in the afternoon i went over to first baptist houston for simcha’s dedication. the church had a reception afterward where they served some finger foods and cake. i also met tiffany’s roommate lacey for the first time.
i had monday off due to it being the mlk holiday. i hadn’t realized i had monday off until friday afternoon when i was at work looking at someone’s calendar, so i hadn’t made any weekend plans. besides hanging out at the potts’ house, i don’t remember what if anything i did.
as far as the rest of this week, other than watching a couple of movies (which i’ll discuss in another post) and chatting in second life i don’t think i did much of anything.
last night (friday) i went out to vietopia for happy hour with some folk from work, then we went over to berry hill for some tamales for supper.

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