xmas loot 2006

yep, i went back to ye olde hometown for xmas. other than visiting with my family, i didn’t do much. let’s go ahead and take care of what i’m sure is on everyone’s minds (that being “well, TeRRY, what did you score for xmas?”):
from my parents:

  • * monty python and the holy grail (extraordinarily deluxe edition) — monty python (sony)
  • * the introvert advantage: how to thrive in an extrovert world by marti olsen laney (workman publishing)
  • * the twelfth man: a story of Texas a&m football by wilbur evans and h. b. mcelroy (strode publishers)
  • * a framed 8×10 picture of a “leifeste” street sign in mason
  • * some money and various stocking stuff

the a&m book is actually an older book, printed in 1974. the holy grail dvd is a version i’d not seen before — it’s now up to 3 dvds. the street sign pic was a unique and cool gift. i don’t know how many times i’ve thought about going and stealing one of the signs. of course, that would be stealing, and i’m an upstanding citizen.
from my brother (and heather):

  • * fragile things: short fictions and wonders by neil gaiman (william morrow / harper collins)
  • * tattooed on their tongues: a journey through the backrooms of american music by colin escott (shirmer books)
  • * dazed and confused — richard linklater (criterion)
  • * johnny cash at san quentin (legacy edition: 2 cd + dvd) — johnny cash (columbia / legacy)

i didn’t know about the new gaiman book. it apears to be a collection of various odds and ends. i’m glad to see the criterion edition of dazed and confused, and i’m more glad to have it. and the new cash san quentin edition…*drool*. san quentin is probably my favorite cash album, and this is it on steroids. nuff said.

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