thanksgiving weekend 2006

after finishing moving on wednesday, then going and doing the radio show that night, i got up early thursday morning and headed to my hometown (brady, Texas) to visit the parents and my grandmother for thanksgiving.
thursday i ate a late thanksgiving lunch with the family and then immediately fell asleep for a few hours. (i’d not gotten much sleep the night before.) late thursday night i drove out onto an isolated rural farm-to-market road to stop and look at the stars. it was a bit chilly, but it was a cloudless sky and the sliver of moon had already set. amazing. simply amazing. the light pollution of houston completely obscures the sky, so it’s always jaw-dropping to see the night sky in central Texas.
friday i watched Texas a&m defeat t.u. friday evening i went with my dad to a high school football playoff game in comanche. my dad and i talked a fair bit about theology and the history of the church on the way. the game was may versus richland springs in 6-man football. we picked that over wall versus blanco (an 11-man game) in brownwood. i’ve seen a few 6-man games, but not many, so i was hoping it’d be a good game. unfortunately, richland springs beat up may and the mercy rule (>45 point lead) was deployed a few minutes into the third quarter. i guess in 6-man it’s not very common for two teams to play each other close.
saturday in the early afternoon i realized my rear driver’s side tire was flat. (probably due to my thursday night excursion to look at the stars.) most of the places in brady that fix flats were closed, but fortunately we managed to find one place that was open. we took the tire off and took it there. you want to talk about small town stereotypes…two haggard, greasy, dirty, partially toothless white guys running a shop in an old, dirty building with tires and various parts of things (vehicles and otherwise) strewn haphazardly everywhere. they fixed my tire and charged me $6. one guy found out i worked with computers and said he did too, and started asking if i had any parts i wanted to get rid of or sell. he evidently has a trailer behind the building that he both lives in and runs his computer shop out of.
sunday i hung out with my grandmother, ate lunch with her and my parents, helped set up her xmas decorations, then left for houston. after stopping by the cemetary in art where my grandparents are buried, i dropped off a pedestal sink at the art house. my parents had bought it for their house years ago but then decided to not use it, so they gave it to tamara and me for our house (which we of course never used — it’d been in the garage of 9023 this whole time). i figure we can use it either at art or beaver creek. i also brought my 1911 charles daly .45 back with me. i’m planning on getting someone to look at it to see if they can get its feeding/ejecting problem fixed.

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