nearing completion…

i went ahead and called my credit union and paid off my motorcycle thursday. that frees up $300/mo. since i no longer have debt in the form of a home loan, that means my total debt resides solely in the element. i must say, it’s nice to know i could pay that off and be completely debt free. i’m planning on using cash reserves to do things to the truck instead of dropping it into paying off the element right now though. having brakes that work will be a good first start.
speaking of the element, it should be refinanced within a week or two, at which point the title will be modified to be only in my name. the house is already dealt with, of course. the qdro paperwork is being processed (thanks to me taking matters into my own hands) and should be complete within a couple of weeks. so pretty soon there should be almost no outstanding legal/financial issues between tamara and myself. thank goodness.
i’m currently also trying to play catch up on my retirement funds for all of the money tamara was able to unfairly take from me due to a less than adequate legal system as regards divorce laws. my company automatically gives a set percentage of your salary to your retirement fund regardless of how much if anything you put aside, and a few months ago i started kicking in a fair percentage myself. with this in place, i’ll hopefully be able to recover from tamara’s cash grab within 4 years. what tamara did is already done, so all i can do is try to recover from it and move on.

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