in a random fit of absurdity, the universe actually saw fit to make something happen quickly for me. that’s right, on the way into work this morning my realtor called and said “we’re closing today at 2pm.” the paperwork had already gone through both the buyer and tamara. so as of around 3pm i am no longer the owner of a house. (raj and kiera should be excited to read this, since that means i’ll be paying them rent soon. all i’m saying is landlord better not be trying to come down on me!)
i got about $4400 at closing, which is nice. that means tamara made about $3600 off of me, which isn’t so nice. but whatever. all of the worry, pain, embarassment, stress, aggrevation, etc. that was 9023 belle glen dr is no longer on my shoulders. it’s sort of a bittersweet moment though, because it forces me to think about how things should be as compared to how they are. but i can’t do anything about that — as i said in my last post, i’ve wasted enough time on worthless causes. now i just have to worry about getting moved out within 7 days.
the buyer’s agent seemed like a decent enough guy, and we were able to hold a conversation by ourselves for probably 20 or 30 minutes or something. the title guy came across as one of those nice people who probably comes across as fake a lot because he’s too busy to take the time to be as nice as he’d actually like to be. or maybe he’s just fake. the buyer came across as a jack4ss. or at least toward me. maybe he was just trying to be “professional”. stand out moments were him saying “terry, when are you going to be moving out?” in a tone that suggested me being there at all was a burden he shouldn’t have to deal with, and “uh, are you going to give me your contact information?” in a tone suggesting i was trying to slip something by him — after i’d just asked the title guy to go get some paper so i could write my info down. maybe he just thought he should play “bad cop” to make sure i got moved out and took him seriously.
it was all a horribly inbred lot. my realtor had worked under the buyer’s agent for years. the buyer’s agent and the buyer obviously worked together professionally a lot. the buyer actually ran a title company, and was friends with the title guy for this place, and they’d known each other for years. i’m sure real estate and construction and such are just as much good ol’ boy networks as other businesses. they figure out ways to make money for/amongst themselves off of any outsider that has to go through their system. (lawyers and the legal system, anyone?)
but whatever. i was in a bad spot due to tamara and i just needed to get out of it. now i’m out. what happened is now the past and it’s done and i can’t change anything about it anymore. it was a deal and it’s signed and it’s over. i mean, it’s a binding agreement but it’s not like i made a lifetime commitment to them or anything. 😐

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