you were always on my mind

wednesday after work i dropped by the poison girl for awhile before heading to the radio show. folk that do the houstonist site were meeting up there, so a few of us that do the radio show dropped by. the poison girl still seems to be a pretty cool place.
today i was planning on taking off work and getting my temp tag for the new pickup and getting the cashier’s check or money order. unfortunately, i decided to ride my motorcycle to work and then the weather decided it should rain on and off in the afternoon. so i left later than i’d planned and by the time i finished at the tax office the banks were closed. i opted to park in the museum district and ride the light rail downtown, since i wasn’t sure about parking, the weather, or road conditions. getting the temp tag turned out to be extremely easy…probably more than it should have. the lady didn’t even look at or ask for either my driver’s license *or* the title/registration. all she used was the insurance card. but whatever the steps, the outcome is that i’ve got a 30-day temporary tag to put on the truck once i take possession of it. i’ll have to get the money tomorrow.
after that (and having to do some troubleshooting from home for a half hour or so for work), i headed to a place called monkey bizness to go to a surprise birthday party kelli planned for brad. monkey bizness is a play place for kids, with a rock wall and a bunch of big inflated jump rooms and slides and stuff (that are usually outside, but these are indoors). after that, we headed to buca de pepo (or however you spell it) for supper. good times.
my original plan for getting the pickup was to fly out tomorrow and be back on tuesday. jeff (the guy in brooklyn i’m buying the truck from) said saturday would be best for him, so i changed my plans to start on saturday. hopefully i’ll be back by tuesday night, or maybe wednesday. but i’m not trying to rush the roadtrip, and i’m hoping it’ll be enjoyable and fun. it’d be cool to have someone to go with me, but it should be a good time even without being able to share the experience. at this point i’m planning on trying to take my laptop and camera, so hopefully i can give status updates along the way. i’m trying to decide if i want to buy an ipod (or some mp3 player) and some speakers so i can have some music to listen to during the ride back (the truck has no radio). what i know i won’t have is a/c, seatbelts, power windows, power locks, airbags, or a bunch of extra computerized crap in the engine compartment…that’ll be occupied by a gas-guzzling 352 v8 with dual exhaust.
i’m also trying to think of a name for it, at this point going with country music related ideas: earl, hank, 16hp, old 97, etc. although seeing it and driving it will have to happen before i settle on something. got any good ideas?

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