…but i still love technology, always and forever.

i watched linklater’s waking life a couple of days ago. the rotoscoping was interesting. some of the conversations were really clever and/or interesting, and the idea for the film was cool. some of the use of animation over live action was also unique and added a new layer to the experience. overall though, the film just didn’t “do it” for me. perhaps with another viewing or two it’d click more. i’m curious after seeing previews for a scanner darkly how much the rotoscoping process has matured.
friday i got a package i ordered from cafepress.com. it had 4 “bob wills is still the King” bumper stickers, a diablos tejanos shirt, and a bible rtfm shirt.
friday after work i headed over to the west alabama ice house. brad and kelly met me there later, then we headed over to barrett’s for a dj show pre-party. i’m not much of a partying socialite, but i got to have a good extended conversation with a guy there. i prefer having a meaningful conversation about interesting things to a bunch of social chit-chat with lots of people. later the party headed over to the m-bar to see mark farina. however, there was some confusion in line with tickets and discounts and i wasn’t sure what was going on so i decided to stay outside. i ended up heading over to frank’s pizza, then walked back over and sat outside on main street. i talked to a few people, and then a homeless guy set his sights on me and i talked to him for 15 or 20 minutes. it’s intriguing for me to sit there and watch all of these people walking by, wondering what they’re doing and where they’re going and what’s happening in their lives. around 2am i headed off to my bike and went home. would i have enjoyed farinza’s set? i may never know.
saturday afternoon i went to the alamo draft house and saw clerks ii. i kind of have this love/have thing with kevin smith. i feel like there are a lot of ways i identify with him, but in his films he is willing to be way more vulgar and offensive than i can personally enjoy. some aspects of what he does comes across as brilliant and insightful, other aspects just come across as base and pointless. it’s the later i have a hard time sitting through sometimes. does the good outweigh it? i don’t know. i guess it depends on who you are and what your sensibilities are.
saturday evening i met brad at poison girl, then we headed to river oaks and saw the midnight showing of napoleon dynamite. at the poison girl i ran into groovehouse and jennifer “the intern”. after the movie, brad and i headed over to the house of pies and had an extended conversation about G-d and science and all sorts of theological and social matters. nice stuff. maybe i’ll convert some of it into a post or two. i’ve got to find something to post about — the more interesting tidbits of my boring life don’t exactly make for engrossing reading.
that said, yesterday i updated my powermac to 10.4.7 and now i don’t have any sound output through my griffin imic. i’m assuming it was something in the 10.4.7 update. i searched the net and found people describing what appeared to be similar goings on, but i didn’t find a solution. how that’s for exciting reading? 😉

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