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a couple of months ago i ordered a new backend for my bike. it was a license plate mount that also replaces the stock blinkers. the new piece is chrome and the license plate light and blinkers are l.e.d.s. it’s a different look for the bike, much smaller and cleaner and…uh…chromier.
a couple of weeks later i decided as long as i was changing the back blinkers, i might as well replace the front lights/blinkers as well. so i bought the same type of lights for the front. then i had to buy the mounting brackets. then i had to return the one that arrived…they didn’t come in pairs, plus it wasn’t the right size anyway. so i ordered a new pair. i picked up those this last weekend, so i had everything i needed to do the job.
i started working on it last weekend, but i didn’t get too far. since it was raining during the weekend and was supposed to be raining during the week, i figured i wouldn’t be able to ride the bike anyway. but i also didn’t think i wouldn’t get done until today. weeknights always seem to have a way of disappearing without anything getting accomplished.
so without further delay, here is the new backend of my bike:


(and just for reference, here’s the old backend)
in case you’re wondering, i bought a chrome plate and mounted it on the right side to put the inspection sticker on. not having that big plastic license plate border and inspection sticker really cleans up the back as well.
and as for the front, i replaced one side and took a pic so you could see before and after in the same image:

if you couldn’t figure it out, the new is left, old is right.
anyway, i’m pretty happy with the mods, and everything appears to be working properly. so now you’ll have to excuse me while i go for a ride. it’s been over a week since i was on the bike!

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  1. yeah, those (usually plastic) license plate holders with plenty o’ room for your inspection sticker just look sorta big and ugly and lame. i’m glad to help do my part to lessen their number by one.
    someone at work asked why i didn’t just leave the bike with the two different front blinkers. i replied that i thought about it but was worried about getting _finding nemo_ comments.

  2. Yeah, I remember Nemo, with that, uh, motorcycle …. with the two different — blinkers. Yeah. And he kept driving it around the aquarium … and how everyone teased him about his, uh, unmatching blinkers. Yeah, good thing you thought of that … now the same thing won’t happen to you.

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